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Review of Singapore Wedding Photography Studios

Here’s a review of the top wedding photography studios you can possibly find in Singapore.

First of all, there would be Grandeur Wedding Studio. Established in 2015, Grandeur Wedding Studio has already quickly grown into one of Singapore’s most beloved wedding photography studios. Well, but if you were to look at their portfolio, it’s not hard to see why they have become so popular – and part of this reason is definitely because they have some of Singapore’s finest photographers. No doubt about that. What I like most about the type of photographs they take is that it has a really classy and grand feeling to it, and the pictures look like they were of Hollywood celebrities. Well, what can I say? Grandeur Wedding clearly lives up to their name.

Second of all, if you want an overseas photography studio based in Singapore with photographers from Singapore, then try Nat Studios. One of the more popular studios in Singapore. As you could probably already tell from the name, they’re headed by one main award winning photographer called Nat. He’s definitely one of the more talented photographers in Singapore. If you want to venture out of Singapore and get your photographs taken in another country, but want to hire a Singapore photographer, then Nat Studios is definitely your ideal choice.

Third of all, if you want indoor photoshoots in Singapore for you and your fiance, then Baobab Tree Studios has some of the best priced and packages for couples. Located at Bukit Batok Crescent, Baobab Tree Studios has a very talented Korean female photographer helping couples take their images.

Take note though, that Nat Studios and especially Baobab Tree Studios only specialize in pre-wedding photography, therefore, if you’re looking for a provider for both actual day and pre-wedding photography in Singapore, then Grandeur is your better choice.

Picking A Good Singapore AD Wedding Photographer

The following are some advice for you to correctly pick good Singapore actual day wedding photographers for your upcoming marriage ceremony.

  1. Always check out a photographer’s portfolio. Just because you have a friend who is an actual day wedding photographer in Singapore doesn’t mean that you need to go with him or her. You must not base the choice of your wedding photographer on friendship e.t.c. This is something that will stick with you for the rest of your lives, hence, you need to pick a photographer whose portfolio really appeals to you and whom you know you will not regret choosing many years later down the road.
  2. Before you engage a professional Singapore wedding photographer, you want to email or call them first. If their response or sales support is terrible, you can be sure that their customer service support will be even worse. Therefore, you need to work with a AD wedding photographer or studio which is prompt in their responses and is understanding towards their potential customers (e.g. you).
  3. Similar to point 2, if the photographer’s response is slow during the sales process, his or her response will probably be worse during after-sales support. This is bad as you want a studio or person who will respond promptly to any legitimate enquiries you may have regarding the photographs.
  4. Make sure they have experience. I cannot believe how some couples in Singapore chose amateur photographers without any kind of portfolio or experience, just because they’re cheap. Your wedding is one of your life’s greatest investment, and you certainly don’t want a horrible memory of it. You want a professional Singapore wedding photographer who has lots of experience in taking AD wedding photo shoots. After all, even if they cost more, this is a once in a lifetime purchase, and you would never need to pay for this again in future – so make the investment in a studio or AD wedding photographer with a great portfolio.

What You Must Know About Wedding Photography In Singapore

Here are some of the most important things you must know when it comes to wedding photography in Singapore. (I recommend you check them out if you want to have your AD wedding photo shoot in Singapore) The following advice applies to anyone as long as they are planning to take their actual day wedding photo shoot in Singapore.

– The bride will be preparing her make-up and gown in the morning of the wedding ceremony along with the help of her mum and bridesmaids. At this point in time, the groom will usually be driving over or get chauffeured over to his bride’s house. Because the wedding photographer can only be at one place at a time, he would usually be at the bride’s house and photographing the happenings and events at her (parents’) house.

– Next, upon arrival of the groom, the photographer would usually rush out of the house and photograph the procession (of the groom arriving at the brides’ house).

– After arrival, there may be games where the bridesmaid will make the groom and his best men perform and play before the groom can actually meet his bride. All these fun games will also be photographed.

– After these games, it would usually be the tea party where the groom and bride will pay respects to the bride’s parents, and then drive over to the groom’s parent’s house and pay respects to them. These ceremonies would usually end around lunch period of the actual day.

– It is at this point where the photographer will prepare his or her same day edit photo montage for the evening banquet.

– During the evening banquet, the montage will be played, while the photographer will then be capturing images of the guests as well as the couple as they walk into the ballroom for their ceremonial marriage vows.

Most wedding photographers in Singapore will do the above for actual day wedding photo shoot in Singapore. If you want them to photograph anything else, then you might want to inform them in advance. Hope that helped.

Getting Your Wedding Gown

If you are planning to have your marriage ceremony and wedding photography / videography in Singapore, then I would recommend you to get beautiful wedding dresses here.

Grandeur Wedding Studio does not provide their own wedding dresses in house, but they are a wedding photography and videography company that offers exclusive offers and discounts through their partnerships with bridal gown boutique stores in Singapore.

Anyway, here are some tips to help you or your fiancé pick a wedding gown which will look truly beautiful.

  1. Find out your own body shape and size. Are you pear shaped? Are you top heavy or bottom heavy? If you are flat chested, you may want a wedding dress which has more frumps and frills at the chest area. If you are pear shaped, you may want something to enhance your shoulder areas and make them look slightly broader so that you have an hourglass look instead of an apple shaped look.
  2. Are you plus sized? If you are plus sized and bigger in the waist, what you should do is to pick a wedding gown which (can still be figure hugging but) has details slanting to one side. They will give your body a more shapely and womanly look which I’m sure you would love.
  3. Do not pick a wedding gown color which is odd, e.g. a rainbow one. There are times where such a wedding gown is fashionable. However, these are not timeless designs and more often than not, brides who choose such gowns would only turn out to regret their choice several years later after their wedding.
  4. Last but not least, always remember you MUST pick a wedding gown which suits you, and not only one that looks great but looks horrible on you. You can turn to bridal magazines for inspiration, but if you do not have the same figure as the model in the magazines, chances are, you would look different from how the model looks with the wedding gown.

Hopefully the above advice can help you pick the right wedding dress from a good bridal boutique in Singapore!

Comparing Wedding Photography studios in Singapore

There are several different types of wedding photography studios based in Singapore, and I shall review some of the best ones to help you identify the right one for your wedding photo shoot.

First of all, there are bridal photographers who take local wedding photo shoots in Singapore for couples. These are companies like Grandeur Wedding Studio. They take all kinds of photo shoots in Singapore ranging from pre-wedding and ROM to actual day bridal photography. Usually, these studios like Grandeur will engage more than one local wedding photographer and so you may get up to 2 photographers for certain photo shoots such as your actual day of the marriage ceremony in Singapore. Usually, one will be an assistant while the other would be the main photographer.

Second of all, there are studios like Nat Studios which are based in Singapore but take mostly overseas (outside of Singapore) wedding photo shoots. Nat Studios specializes in overseas wedding photography such as in Prague, Paris e.t.c. If you love to travel and take your wedding photographs outside of Singapore but want to engage a studio or photographer from Singapore, then Nat Studios is definitely your best choice.

Third of all, there are studios which focus much more on videography only. A famous example of such a studio would be Reddot Studio. Reddot Studio based in Singapore hires several wedding videographers and couples that want a wedding video shot (either for actual day filming or a pre-wedding concept video), can engage them. Some local Singapore celebrities have used their services as well.

Finally, something you should note is that most studios in Singapore offer both photography as well as videography but they usually try to specialize in one. I recommend you to pick a studio which has good reviews online (such as on Facebook, Google Plus e.t.c.) to ensure that the quality of the eventual wedding photos and / or videos is good.

Picking The Right Singapore Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer when there are so many good Singapore wedding photographers can be really tough. Here are some tips to help you find your ideal wedding photographer in Singapore.

First of all, you need to discuss with your fiance as to the type of wedding photographs you both love the most. Everyone has a different opinion of what makes a beautiful wedding photograph, and even your spouse may have a differing opinion from you. You need to discuss with him or her to find this out – do not assume anything or you may find yourselves arguing in future.

Second of all, once you’ve decided the type of wedding photographs you both prefer, then you should shortlist approximately 10 wedding photographers or studios in Singapore. These photographers or studios should have wedding images portfolio that suits the style that both you and your fiance love (as from step 1).

Third of all, you should email these wedding photographers or studios for their packages and pricing. You want to give them approximately a maximum of 2 working days to reply your email. You definitely do not want to engage a studio or wedding photographer in Singapore that replies your email after 10 days. If they reply your sales enquiry only after 10 days, can you imagine how long they will take to respond to any of your future requests after you’ve paid them?

Next, you want to consider the various prices and packages that these 10 wedding photography studios are offering you. Because the quality of the images should be good (as from step 2), you should look more at the prices versus the items that they will be providing you as part of their service.

Hopefully that makes the process of finding the right wedding photographer in Singapore easier for you!

Finding A Wedding Gown In Singapore

Getting bridal gowns and dresses rental in Singapore may feel really easy because there are thankfully many bridal boutiques all around Singapore selling or renting out their wedding gown collection.

However, the hard part when it comes to picking a wedding gown is choosing one that you like, will stay fashionable and timeless and suits you and your body. Here are some tips to help you achieve that.

1. Do not pick a wedding dress that is too fashionable or trendy. It is usually gowns which look too edgy that turns out looking weird just a few years from now. Make sure to pick a timeless piece of dress. Don’t pick a wedding gown just because some celebrity wore it for her wedding that particular year. Pick one that will be timeless and look elegant and gorgeous for the rest of your life!

2. Pick a gown that flatters your body shape. Do not pick one that you like but looks horrible on you. Ideally you want a wedding dress that’s beautiful to you and looks good on you. Here are some tips. If you are flatter in the chest area, choose a dress that’s frumpy around the chest area to add volume. If you are a little plump in the thighs and butt area, then you may want to wear a wedding gown with more volume in the upper half of your body, perhaps around your chest and shoulder area so that you look more proportional.

3. Pick a conventional colour. This goes in line with the first point – do not pick a wedding dress which has too edgy of a color. If you pick a white wedding dress, you can rest assured that it would not go out of fashion – wedding gowns have been white since over 100 years ago. If you really want a bridal gown with an edgy or unique colour, perhaps you could pick / rent 2 dresses instead, and have the white wedding dress as the formal one while the other dress can be your evening gown to change into in the later part of your wedding day ceremony!

Hopefully the above tips have helped you get a better idea on how to pick bridal dresses which would actually look good on you, and for a long period of time.