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A Sign from a loved one
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Have you loved someone who has died, and after their death you have had a sign from them telling you, that they are okay? I know, you're probably thinking this poster is nuts, but I'm not! I'm very serious about this and I'm interested in hearing from anyone who might have received a sign from someone they loved who has died. Here's what happened to me: Right after my Dad died I saw a man walking down my street who was dressed just like my Dad; khaki pants, plaid shirt, and a funky canvas hat. He was tall like my dad and even had white hair and I only saw him from behind. I had NEVER seen this man before in our neighborhood, and I saw him again for the next 3 days just before we buried my dad and I have not seen him since those difficult days. My dad walked every morning and I swear it was his way of letting me know that he was okay and was now walking a new path in heaven. I must say it was comforting and a bit eerie, but in my heart, I know my Dad was sending me a message. Please let me know if you have had such an experience.

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Posted by: yoohoo2 (female, senior) (Posted 7/27/05)

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NoAds (7/27): After my Mom died my sister and I were cleaning out her apartment. We were putting things in boxes on her lawn to empty the apartment when all of a sudden a music box started playing outside in one of the boxes. A couple of minutes later the funeral home called to tell us that her cremation had begun. Now everytime I hear a music box I think of my mom. I think it was her way of saying good-bye. (report)
JustMe (7/27): Last year while my husband & I were on vacation my sister passed away. The next day while I was full of grief we were passing through the redwoods along California's coast and for some reason I made my husband stop so I could get out. As I walked up a path full of large ferns & a waterfall I felt someone hug me and a peaceful feeling come over me. I knew that my sister loved the NW and would of been on our vacation with us if she had been well. There in the forest with the ferns I saw a light and knew that my sister was telling me everything was fine. My husband had taken pictures of me while I was walking alone in the forest and there was a small ball of light in three of them. Out of over 1300 pictures that he took on vacation those were the only three that had any balls of light in them. So yes, I believe that you can be contacted by your loved ones after they have passed. (report)
Writer_B (7/28): I absolutely believe that this is possible. Signs are around us all the time. All we have to do is watch for them. (report)
yoohoo2 (7/28): Thanks for replying NoAds, JustMe, and Writer B! I agree, signs are happening all around us and we just have to be receptive to them. Glad NoAds and JustMe have experienced what I have...doesn't it make you feel better and the hurt of losing that very special person, a little less painful? (report)
Clemantine (7/29): This has happened to me with dead people several times but the coolest was with my dog. She was hit by a car and ground was too frozen to bury her for two days. Whole family heard her nails tapping on the floor and at night, no matter how often we puffed up the place she had always slept her imprint kept appearing and we even heard her snore twice. This all stopped once she was buried. (report)
Anonymous (7/29): My religion (Greek Orthodox), belives when someone dies they remain on the earth for 40 days. They don't actually ascend into Heaven until the 41st day - at which time we have another service. This explains that big beautiful butterfly that would land near us when our family lost our grandmother last year. Multiple times our family would go out on the patio and start talking about her and she'd fly over and listen to us. It was just an awesome experience. (report)
cpowell (8/3): I agree also. When my fiance was killed in a car wreck I went to the wreck site, there I found several pennies and some other coins that she had saved in the ashtray. I picked them up and kept them in a special place. About a month after the funeral I began finding coins everywhere but only a couple a day. They were in parking lots, the street, school, everywhere I went. Many times there were three coins or multiples of three. One day the thought occured to me "Three coins, three little words; I love you." It has been three years now since her passing and I still find coins almost every day. (report)
Montresor (8/4): As a Christian, I keep myself open to signs both good and evil. I have never seen a ghost, but I have most definitely experienced the presence of one. I was the Manager of a small Movie Theatre and spent much time in the projection booth. Over time I experienced many unexplained phenomena. Lights would turn on and off, large empty movie reels would suddenly stand away from the wall and roll across the floor, though they had been leaning against the wall for 2 months without movement, and a small sink would suddenly start to run water. I was kinda wierded out at first, but when no scary, transparent man showed up, I felt I had nothing to fear from my poltergeist. I told others about the cinema ghost, with the usual reaction, "B.S". But as time progressed and my employees spent more time in the projection booth, they all became believers. I told you that to tell you this... Recently my Mother-In-law passed away. After the funeral a small bird landed just outside the storm door, looked inside at those of us sitting, as if to see if we were okay, then flew away. Wether or not this was my Mother-In-Law checking on her family, I don't know. It is however a comforting thought, and we are the children of a wonderful God who promised to send us comfort. Louis- Mel Gibson is a devout Catholic. I feel sorry for you. When you can open up to signs, you will realize that there is indeed a God. (report)
IceMan (8/4): I had an experience that helped let me know that my grandfather will always be watching. I was printing out directions to my first golf tournament and at the top of the page where advertisements were meant to go, it only said "Good Luck!" This "Good Luck" was the same as i had always received from my grandpa before any of my golf events. It was comforting to know he is present in my everyday life. (report)
cstraw (8/5): after my dad died, I had a dream that he called me on the phone and said, "I just want you to know what a wonderful time I had with your mother." I know that he wanted me to pass the message along to her. After my mom died, I had a dream that she was sitting on the side of my bed, holding my hand and telling me everything was going to be o.k. She told me how happy she was that me and my brother were doing well. My wedding was a time where I could feel them both there. It was incredible. After both my father and mother died, I saw doves everywhere. In my back yard, when I'd leave for work in the morning....I definitely believe in messages being sent. Before my parents died, I never really dreamed about them. (report)
texbob (8/10): I got married 6 years after my mother died. One morning my new bride awoke and told me about a dream she had where my mother (known to her only by pictures and verbal descriptions) and a young woman approached her. My wife said they did not speak but gave the clear impression of being friendly, approving and accepting. As we discussed the dream I came to realize that the young woman was my cousin (born the same year as me) who had committed suicide in the yearly 70s. My wife knew nothing of this cousin or her tragic life. We really believe this was a message signaling both the wellness of my mother and cousin and their welcome to my wife (my real true love --13 years of marriage). I believe that messages can arrive from beyond the pale of our earthly existence. (report)
baby66 (11/26): A few years ago I was seriously dating a guy off and on for a period of time, we were very close but things didnt work out and I decided to break up with him. He was a ladys man, I didnt believe hed change and could only love me. It was July when I last spoke to him on the phone, we exchange words and very angry with me, he hangs up. I had fallen in love with someone else. He never calls me again. But in November I start dreaming of him, almost every day, it's like a continuation from our last phone conversation. But in my dreams hes saying he's going to kill himself and me in disbelief, telling him dont be silly, please always be my friend. The conversation loops over and over. When I wake up I always think it was real and then wonder why Im dreaming of him so much? I would dream the same reoccurring dream almost everyday for the entire month of November. Feeling old urges I try to call him Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years but he doesnt answer his phone. Time passes and I find out in February he had a motorcycle accident in July, no one else was involved it was as if he lost control of the bike. Sustaining massive head injuries he slipped into a coma and was put on life support to keep him alive. His condition doesnt improve and finally in November his family releases him from life support. He dies. Its sad but I know in my heart he came to me before and after he died via my dreams. I know not what his true message was but I do believe now, how much he really loved me. RIP, sweetheart. (report)
Anonymous (11/28): When my neighbor passed away i had a dream i was talking to her and we were sitting in the living room talking and than she told me to check the attic because there was something there for me. and the next day i went over there and i found a little bit of money hidden in the box. wasn't much. Fifty dollars. (report)
PinkBandit (11/28): I have had that 3 times now...wow! That's so weird! I was just telling my roomate about a dream I had about my ex boyfriend who died...and then this popped up...wow! (report)
viccalane (3/3): My Father died recently, when I came home that night from university, the whole family was sitting around talking when all of the sudden my Mothers car started by itself in the driveway. My Father had a prankster streak..maybe this was his way of telling us..I'm Still Here!!! (report)
isthere_life_withoutkeane (10/25): thats relly sweet (report)
Anonymous (10/31): My grandma passed away around midnight last night. We knew she was in her final hours and the only thing that comforted my family was knowing she'd soon be reunited with our grandpa who died 14 years earlier. I said a prayer for her to be taken peacefully in her sleep just before I fell asleep. Well last night, I'm certain after she had already passed, I had a small clip of a dream where she was staring directly at me, holding my hands and sort of dancing with me. In the background I could see my grandpa and he was watching us, happily. Even though she had just died, it was almost as if her and my grandpa had already been reunited for some time now and she was giving me a quick indication that her and my grandpa had reunited ok. It has completely eased my mind today knowing they're back together. (report)
rachellej (3/2): I def. agree my grandfather whom I was very close with passed suddenly. One night we were sleeping (all 3 of my sisters and I) in my grandmothers bed when I woke up all sweaty at about 2 am and sat up and looked in the mirror directly across from me I saw my grandfathers face lit up on the wall above the bed where my grandma was sleeping. I laid back down in a panic and grabbed my sis and told her to sit up and look she did then laid back down and started crying and said OH MY GOSH ITS HIM! it was crazy... I def believe it was a sign not so much for me but to tell my grandma, that he will always be watching over her. (report)
Faith (3/6): Talk to people who work in hospitals and they will tell you what they have witnessed. Dying People speak to dead loved ones as they pass. They see them thru the veil. There IS evidence of this. The stories are incredibly similar. Some have passed and returned and have had the same experiences. Too many similarities for this to be just coincidence. Some just refuse to accept it. I have seen my deceased mother a few times in my dreams. What I want to express is that "I feel her", not just see her. I feel the incredible peace and love with her presence. I love these dreams and I never want them to end. They are VERY vivid.And when she speaks to me, she does it thru thoughts, she does not speak with her mouth. Her messages are clear. And the warm, peaceful feeling awakes me with a wonderful feeling of assurance. it is real! enjoy it. (report)
jees (8/17): My mother passed away almost 3 months ago, Since then My sister claims to have seen her apparition 3 times in one day. I have been seeing mourning doves in my driveway since her death and also white small butterflys.. Im not sure if its coincidence or what?!? (report)
lmf (9/20): I have had many signs of people that I have passed on. About 3 years ago when my father in law passed away, when we were having his funeral, outside there was this little rabbit, and he sat there the entire service. Then after the service was done, no rabbit, since then we see rabbits on our property and also at a camping spot as of late. His birthday is tomorrow and I always think about him when I see bunnies, its a sweet sign. (report)
Anonymous (11/20): Before my grandfather died in 2004, he had this really sweet thing he used to do. If he walked past you sitting at the table or lying on the couch or whatever, he'd put his hand on your shoulder or leg and give you an affectionate pat/rub. Just after he passed away, I felt him doing this to me as I lay in bed one night, but wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not. A few months later, my cousin and I went and saw a psychic. I didn't tell this woman anything about my grandfather prior to my reading, but halfway through she said "your grandfather passed away not long ago, and he's patting me on the leg...he's telling me that you weren't dreaming when you felt him do it to you." (report)
ja922 (11/20): Someone I loved dearly had passed away 6-7 yrs ago but til this day I cannot forget the dream I had a couple weeks after his death. It seemed so real and I remember clearly. It was pitch black and all I saw was a white phone and it rang. It was him, his voice, he was telling me how much he loves me and all I remembered was crying perfusively. It seemed so real. Next couple of weeks I had another dream. His face wasnt clear but his body shape figure, I knwew it was him. Because all I remembered was running to him and holding him very tight and crying. The feeling I had holding him was the same feeling I felt when he was alive. I want to know if it was him assuring me that he is ok and that he know that I love him very much. Does anyone know??Is there such a thing?? (report)
dmk9221 (12/26): I feel there are signs from the other side, then once you tell your tale, there is someone there to break you down. I have a few, I was VERY close with my "MomMom" - and a few years back she came to my dreams I was telling her I wanted to go with her, but she said no and it's not my time. My next sign I remember, was just last week. My wedding DVD came in and the photographer did not adjust the date. The date on the DVD was the date of her death. I want to believe it was her there with me. (report)
nameless (1/29): i was in my friends house with 4 other people, we were all fooling around, i was looking for my shoe when i had to leave, i walked down the hallway passed the bathroom and something caught my eyes there was a white cat statue on the bathroom floor, i told my friend and she told me that there used to be 5 people living in this family and got murdered the white cat, TV desk, and something else was the onlything left in the house after they were gone. during that night we were all watching TV and i wanted to look at the cat one more time, i was aabout to go through the hall way when i saw the statue on the stair steps facing me, it wasnt supposed to be there coz my friend moved it to second floor, i freaked out, i also suspected that the ghost took my shoe and hid it because they werent found for a long time under the safa after i searched there. and none of my friends were fcking with me. (report)
nikinitro (2/4): I lost my best friend back in 1997.He was killed when he got hit by a Drunk driver.That night i told him not to go to the party because i had a weird feeling that something wasa going to happen to him. He said to me Niki don't worry i will always be here for you. That night while i was sleeping i had a dream he was in it. I dreampt that he had been hit by a car but i woke up straight after he had been hit. I thought to myself nah its just a dream so i went back to sleep hoping that it wasn't true. That morning my mum woke me up with some bad news i said please don't tell me it has to do with Kevin...She said how do you know? I was in complete shock i ran out of the house...On the day of his viewing i went to say my goodbyes as i walked in there to see him i was picked up infront of everyone and thrown accross the room.I procedied to walk back in there i still believe to this day that i saw a tear roll down his cheek. I felt bad that i saw him like that but i needed to say goodbye. The day of his Funeral was really weird because i was in his bedroom and i was the only one in the house i was brushing my hair in front of the mirror and i saw him as i turned he was in the hallway smiling at me...I felt a beautiful feeling of love inside of my body. I called out his name and ran down the hallway he walked into the kitchen and when i got there, there was a photograph of him smiling that faided away in front of me..I knew he was still there for me like he had promised. Now it has been nearly 11 years since his passing and i have had encounters with him in my Dreams.I know now that when i need him all i have to do is ask for him and he will be there... So i believe that there is life after death as we are not alone. All we have to do is ask and it will be granted if you love someone that much and you have a connection with a loved one a bond in body soul and spirit they will always be there for you. Niki xxx (report)
amre74 (2/10): I know you might think I am crazy, but I've had signs from people I don't even know ever since I was a child. My mom & dad died when I was a kid. I guess they knew I was in good hands w/ my grandma since I never even dreamed of them until I grew up. I have many lucid dreams & sometimes when I ask my friends that have passed on why they're there. Often, I get no spoken responses, usually just a smile or a kiss on the cheek then theyre gone & I wake up. My Aunt & Uncle passed away in a mobile home fire about 4 months ago. I dream of them often. I had a lucid dream today. They looked years younger & healthier than when they passed away. During this dream, I was in the house my parents owned before they died. I was debating whether or not to say something to my Aunt as she was leaving. I did. I said "I miss you". Her look and demeanor totally changed. My Uncle walked in I started crying & gave him a hug and told him that I missed him. My aunt then said something that freaked me out. I don't know what to make of it. "Maybe you can come and be with the rest of the family soon". Through tears, I said, "Not without Mike" and woke up. I don't know if that is a sign that I might be "next", but I have been at peace w/ the thought of death since my parents died. The weird thing is I met Mike "again" at the funeral & took it as somewhat of a sign as well, I got up the nerve to talk to him when we were standing between my Mom & Dads and Aunt & Uncle's gravesites. [We grew up together; I moved about an hour away from my hometown about 15 years ago]. We've been pretty much inseparable ever since. Maybe it was a decision that I was supposed to make & did subconsciously. [I didn't realize what I said until I woke up]. I don't know, but guess I will find out one way or another. This is my first time on this site, & really enjoyed reading about everyone's experiences. My friends think I'm kind of weird sometimes, so thank you all for sharing something so close to your hearts. (report)
nadoun (2/16): My cousin passed away 2 years ago, and ever since i've been praying to get signs from him. One day i was feeling down and i c\visited him to the grave, my phone was next to me and i was praying and crying and asking him to plz give me a sign that ur here, so my phone suddenly started to vibrate by itself and lights were coming out of the phone for almost 5 seconds than it disappeared. Im pretty sure it's him. Im just praying to get closer and closer to him. I mjust miss him and always wanna have contact with him. (report)
TheDreamer (6/28): I just had a dream about my grandpa who died in April. In my dream, I was standing outside my house, on the street, and me and some friends were looking up at an extremely weird rainbow, but it was at night. Also in my dream, while I was looking at this unique rainbow, I knew my grandpa was sleeping on my couch(He has never actually been to my house, he lived in a different part of the province as me) and from inside, he called me on my cell and asked if my I was alright, and if my dad fed me. In April, to go to my grandpas funeral, I had to stay at my dads house, I found that part a little odd, but still comforting and my grandpa asked if I was alright. I looked up the meaning of dreams about rainbows, and it said that the rainbow symbolizes good news, hope, redemption, and the ending of gloom. It is also associated with the magical quest for the treasure of self-knowledge. The rainbow is also a bridge between heaven and earth.(Which i found ironic that its a bridge between HEAVEN and earth because my grandpa who had passed on was in the dream with me). I also found the mystical meaning of this rainbow, and the gypsies say that to dream of a brightly colored rainbow means that a happy change is coming. (report)
spiritualvisit (6/29): I had unexpectedly reunited with a love. We exchanged telephone and e-mail info. After a time, he had not responded to my text messaging. I had a dream whereby he showed up in a truck and buckled my seat belt. He took me for a drive and told me that he could not stay. As I awoke, I was relieved that it was just a dream. A few weeks later while visiting a friend, she looked him up online and we discovered that he had died in a horrific car accident. I grieved horribly and one night while I had talked to him outloud I saw a wrought iron candle holder begin to move all by itself! There was nothing explainable which could have caused the candle holder to swing freely. I knew this was him. Perhaps he was acknowleding that I had spoken to him. (report)
bijoubydi (6/30): Hello ... my mom passed about 2 years ago and when I was visiting my sister in NH this year, I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I didn't turn on any lights, so when I walked across the hall way, I saw what looked to be my sister walk into her son's room with something in her hand ... she looked at me but it was dark and I couldn't see her face but was surprised when she didn't say hello so I continued to the bathroom and when I came out I peeked into her son's room to see what she was doing there in the middleof the night and didn't see anything. I continued back to my room and peeked behind the door but didn't see anything. When I asked her about it in the morning, she freaked and said it wasn't her. She's a spitting image of my mom so I think my mom was walking the hallway and only seems to appear to me in which I have other sightings as well but that one is the most defined. It's amazing and I have no clue. (report)
Lulie (8/15): Yes I have just last night I had a dream that I saw this women who looked just like my Mom and I was talking to her, I told her I wanted to hug her and hold her, that she looked like my Mom, it was a very short dream, and I do believe it was her, just by the way she looked and spoke to me exactly like my Mom. She told me that she was okay and that I will be okay and that she loved me. I woke up in tears. I miss her so much. Mom passed away September 4, 2008 at 1:05 p.m. I LOVE YOU MOM AMD MISS YOU SO MUCH. LOVE LUCINDA (report)
freedomliberty (8/26): I believe they can come in your dreams. I lost my husabnd a month ago and he has been in two of my dreams. The first dream really scared me. He was in my car and he told me he was still alive and I drove straight to the doctor to find out how he was still living, I knew I had watched him pass lying in my arms that night. I went to the cemetary yesterday and asked him to come back and see me again that I wouldn't be scared anymore and when I awoke this morning I was so happy it's unbelivable. He came in my dream once again and told me he was alive again. I believe this is his way of teling me he is with me.When he told me he was alive this time I asked him how and explained to him that I planned his funeral and how beautiful everthing was. He replied, "I know, I got to see the Eagle Scout play taps for me and you need to quit talking about T Allen and T Ray so much." I know this was all so significant because my husband was a very patrioic veteren and he always told me he would refuse to have a recording of taps played, he wanted someone to play the bugle or he didn't want to hear it. I spent three days trying to locate someone to play for him and he local VFW had a digital trumpet that played itself and I refused it.I found the Eagle Scout who plays in the longest running Memorial Day Parade ever and he was so proud to have been asked and I was overwhelmed with his willingness to do whatever I asked. As for T Ray and T Allen theese were his best childhood friends that he never got a chance to introduce me to and for the funeral I used many resources to locae them as well; ending in meeting them both and spending some time with them feeling like being around them is being like being with him. I couldn't believe the messages he was sending me in my dream. (report)
beesnees (9/28): my mum passed 4yrs ago but i drempt she was still alive but even while dreaming new it wasent true then she died again in my dream that same night my dad and my sister drempt about her aswell (report)
maskott (10/9): I have had so many signs that I can't print them all. My son died 3 years ago and he has sent me butterflies through the printer and flowers on the beach. You just have to be open and aware...they are there. (report)
marnini (10/10): Yes, i have had many. I wrote one of the stories on my blog, www.marnini.wordpress.com It's titled Have You Had An Experience like this. Feel Free to stop by and read it (report)
sharritzy (11/17): When my Mother died, I was greiving silently. Greiving so hard, I missed her so much. One night, I had a dream, we were all called to her house. My brother had a surprise for me. He came from the kitchen with my Mother on his arm. I was so happy, I can't tell you how happy I was. I had my Mother back. She came and sat by me, I held her hand and told her how I missed her and now things will be back to normal. She told me that I had to let her go. My greiving was keeping her from going on to where she was supposed to be. She couldn't leave unless I let her go. I was devistated, but understood. She said she loved me and she would be ok, not to worry. We'd be together again some day. After that dream, I was ok, I was able to stop greiving. I knew she was in a better place. I can't wait to see her again. (report)
Anonymous (1/5): i had a dream about my grandma last night were she told me to not be sad anymore because she was doing just fine. the dream felt more real then any other dream i ever had. (report)
butterfly2 (1/8): i had a loved one who past away.my best friends mother past awy in the early days of october.today we saw a butterfly come around us.it kept on landing on my best friend.then come around me.land on her and over and over again.soon enough i thought to cathc it i did and we admired it becasue we thought it was a sign of her mother telling us she was okay.then we lt it go.if u know if this is possible and it is a sign please let me know.=].thanks so much (report)
sherri_20002 (1/17): i am i mother of 3 teen girls from a small town in kansas, im 48, i am a christian, and if theres no such thing as spirits , then me and my entire family haev went off the deep end i have them talk to me wake me up mess with my hair appear in my kids room my husband used to not believe till he saw things to, soem things just dont add up in this world and we r not ment to understand, but 2 not c and not believe is one thang , but 2 not believe and c is another, i belive in good and evil as teh world we r living in is full proof of that , if u havent seen ne thang great , i wouldent advise going looking , either u will never know what u will find, ne way i have lost alot of loved ones but only had one come back be fore they passed over, the others i just dont know and dont waste my time settin around trying to figure out every little thang i c and hear that dont make sence , life dont make sence just pick up ur life and go on,sherri (report)
psychedelicstar (2/18): My dad passed away almost 3 weeks ago and the night of his funeral my mothers bed frame broke and he hated that bed frame because it was too high and they were planning on buying a new one. Also my video camera he bought me that quit working almost three years ago started working as well as an old film camera and my lamp in my bedroom(which he loved) quit working when he first passed but the night of the funeral it started working again. (report)
Dinofan (2/24): We just lost our dear brother in law. He was our son's godfather. He LOVED the wildlife at our home and was an avid outdoorsman. The morning he passed away, and before I knew of his passing. I ran outside to take a photo of the three coyotes running through our property for him to enjoy. He passed away at almost the exact time I took those photos and was thinking of him. Well....when we got home at 11:00pm from a long drive the day of his funeral, before I got out of the car, I saw a beautiful and bright shooting star. I told my husband that it must be from our brother in law. Well, then as I was emptying the car out, a dove swooped down from our roof very close to my head and went up into a tree and watched us unpack. Then....from inside our home I heard the loud sound of coyotes, I ran out to see them and it was the same three in the same place I had seen them when he died. I just replied by saying....thanks Dino....I needed that. AWESOME! (report)
daraujo70 (3/13): Yes I have. My daughter who was 17 died recently and since her death I have noticed a teenaged girl who walks exactly like her which is odd because she had such an unusual way of walking. I too only saw this individual from behind I thought it was very eerie but also a bit comforting. Also A friend of my daughters noticed the same girl and only saw her from behind as well. She couldn't wait to tell me she saw a girl who walks just as my daughter did. (report)
soaringeagle (3/19): yes i have had a sign of loved one but through a dream. I am 25 years old and my husband passed away 5 months ago. In my dream he told me that I need to let him go so he can go ahead and move on to the place he told me he was going to if he ever passed. I just cant let him go. He was a great man with the biggest heart. I know im young and I have alot of time ahead of me. Everybody tells me its going to be okay and I will meet someone else, but thats up to me to decide. Its hard for me still to let him go. He also came to me in a dream telling me he was okay and for me not to worry. He wasnt suffering here in this world any more. He always said this was hell and until you pass is when you finally get to rest and he is so right about that. At least thats my opinion. I love you baby and you will alwyas be in my heart. Our baby loves you and reminds me so much of you. May you rest in peace! I remember him telling me he was going to be waiting for me as an eagle if he was to be reincarnated. I told him that I wanted the same because we would be free and flying. (report)
DontGo (3/23): My loving husband has come to me in a dream to tell me that my grieving was not letting him go on. In my dream, my brother was sitting with us in our bed and telling me "sister you need to let him go, your grievning is not letting him go to where he needs to be". My husband also tells me it is going to be okay for him and our family. That I need to move on. I guess time will tell or at least its supposed to heal all wounds but i still cant get get over the fact that hes gone. Or bare the fact that I dont want to be without him. (report)
Lyhern (4/1): My dad recently passed away from a heart attack at his home and I was left completely devastated by his passing-the first night I slept with my mom on my father's side, while sleeping I was awaken and experienced an awful gasp where I thought I was going to start coughing uncontrollably (just like I was told my dad started right before his heart attack took place) but then I just fell right back to sleep-this to me is the first signed that he felt no pain when he passed and he was okay-days following his burial I dreamnt that we both were in a big house and he was in his 30's with black hair and a black mustache-just conversing back and forth-I asked him how was it possible that he was there with me when I myself had buried him, as he was smiling, the phone rang and I said to him-'great dad-that's probably your retirment department confirming your death, what do I tell them?' again smiling at me he said 'tell them i'm deceased'.... following that dream-my brother and I had an altercation (we don't see eye to eye-and often times-my dad and I would vent about his poor decisions and actions)well in this dream I was hugging him tightly and venting about my brother with him-again he was smiling and just listening to me vent-although I missed him tremendously, I know he is in a better place where someday we will meet again....i beleive this was his way in letting me know he is okay-love u daddy forever n ever....:) (report)
Anonymous (4/2): a close childhood friend of mine was in a car accident and died a few days after. i didn't know about her death until a month after it happened so i wasn't at her services or funeral. i knew what cemetery she was buried in but i didn't know the location of her grave and every knows that without a grave location it's impossible to locate someone. my mom and i went anyhow planning to walk around for hours searching for her. well, as soon as we pulled into the cemetery i guided my mom to a location and asked her to stop. we got out of her car and i told her to go one way while i went in the other direction and yes, the very first grave i approached was hers. i'm sorry but without a location what are the odds of that happening? i feel that julie was with us that day, she knew we came to see her and led us to her resting place. i'm so glad i found this site. i stayed up last night reading all these stories and found comfort in each of them. (report)
Anonymous (4/25): Yes, For the last 3 days everytime I think of my grandmother who raised me that passed in 2006 I have seen a mourning dove appear very close to me in my vehicle in the most usupecting places. 2 on 2 seperate days came very close to my door. The first one appeared on a wire as I pulled into my driveway after taking my daughter to school. Then the next morning I was getting breakfast at Mcdonalds, and 1 suddenly appeared on the ground next to my truck door. The third, Jumped on the side of the road as if to make me see it as I merged on the freeway today. I just said a prayer and mentioned my grandmother. I know its her. (report)
Anonymous (6/11): My great grandmother died when I was 12 9 yrs ago. When the funeral home picked up her body we all set there watching and my 3 year old cousin looked at us and said "dont cry, grandma wants you to know she loves you and is ok" We all just looked at eachother in amazement. About a year later she looked up at the sky and said "look! Grandmas walking from cloud to cloud with Jesus!" My grandmother (her mother) has come home from work late to find her lamp turned on several times. However I am the only one who still recieves visits from her in my dreams. Which is what brought me to this site today. Last night she visited me again and said she was checking on me and wanted to make sure I was ok. (report)
riss (7/14): i have had a sign. see me and my family had this dog[luke] we loved him so much.But he was murdered and now the guy that did it is on he run[that wasnt the only bad thing hes done]. this all happened while i was spending the weekend at my aunts house, and so i didnt know the exact moment he died. but the only person that new was my mom and she didnt tell any one untill after i had my bizarre dream. my dream was of my dog luke sleeping. and when peaple die they say they are resting in peace.how could i have dreamt of that without it being told to me.seconds after my dream i was woken by my aunt crying and yelling that luke was dead. so i think it was a sign from luke saying it was he okay. (report)
DrGabe (7/20): When my mother died, around my grandparents tombstones (her parents) there was one dandelion, but when we buried her, there were 4 more (5 total) as if welcoming her home. I took pictures. Even more ironic is, during the funeral, the older relatives were talking about how my mother was a kid and my grandparents would always make / drink "dandelion wine" !! Yes - they were celebrating !! (report)
adaniels (8/11): I just stumbled upon this site and this is the first post that caught my eye.....while I was reading all these nice comments my grandma lost a long time fight with cancer. Maybe she just wanted me to read these adn feel better because she knew she was letting go. (report)
Anonymous (8/30): I believe that I have had one. Shortly after my moms death (like 1 day later) I was in bed and felt like her hugging me. I have not seen her or anything and that is what concerns me. I want another sign where I actually see her while I am awake. I hope that that happens. I know you have to be intuned for it to happen. I just hope that I can be intunned to recognize it. (report)
Anonymous (8/31): Yes I have but I do not want anyone to use what I am saying in any public or private way, except for here at this posting, without my permission. One of my experiences, was the very night prior to my Fiancee passing away from a sudden medical problem. I felt this strong sadness and did not want to leave him. I kneeled beside him (he was in the rocker) held his hand, kissed his hand and then laid my head on his lap, with the wood stove burning and never before did I do or say this to him ~ quote "Hunny I wish I did not have to go to work tonight, if it were earlier I would call in and not go in to work." Now this was very unusual for me, as I love my job and always look forward to going to work...I never think about this sort of thing, ever nor did I ever experience such sadness. I did not want to leave his side. It really feels like yesterday, that this all happened. The very next morning after my arrival home, the phone rang and rang, I picked it up and could not connect with the caller, it happened three times before I connected and the news was given to me and I rushed to the hospital where he later died in a room where, there was a radio just like ours at home (Identical). I am a Christian & wanted to put Christian radio on & let him hear the Word of God & prayed that God would take my life and spare his. Here I am & I know he is in Heaven. I love him & always will. He was my soulmate and a GREAT man. God Bless all those who have lost a loved one. ~Sheila Marie By the way this it has been three years as I write this posted message. I was searching for a topic not related to this or death (strange but true) along with one more strange thing, the phone never work after that day. I had to run a line directly through the window and down to the box & when I contacted the Telephone company they told me that there was no problems at all with the phone connections, I tried many phones & the only way to get the dial tone was to leave run line out the window. (report)
inmainenow123 (8/31): I just posted the last posting about not wanting to leave my Fiancee' (report)
Hacas88 (9/19): My grandmother who I was extremely close to passed away 8 days before my 15th birthday, the night of her passing my best friend and I were asleep in the living room on the hide-a-bed, when I suddenly woke up in a sweat scaring me to sit straight up, I looked into our kitchen to see my grandmother sitting in her wheelchair at the end of the counter, and I said Grandma, she just smiled and disapeared, my grandmother had never been to that house because she was in a wheelchair and the entry ways were small, so for her to show up there was her way of telling me she was in a better place. Its been 6 years since her passing, and I was driving home from work when I looked in my rearview mirror to see my grandmother driving behind me, she never drove she was paralyzed, I got over into the slow lane, she passed me, and in disbelief I got behind her again, she got over, I got along side her and looked at her, and yes it was her, she smiled at me and waved, I know its a sign, but it scares me, my grandfather(her ex husband) is having a risky procedure done on his heart tuesday, and when I think back to the day I saw her, she had an elderly man in the truck with her, and Im worried that she is telling me her and my grandfather will be together again. (report)
SASHA530 (9/26): Im 17 years old, and after my dad died 6 months ago, I've been having many dreams sense. The first dream I had was so powerful, all it showed was someone's hand writing on this piece of paper in pretty writing "A father is someone who guides you through life." Then I had many many others... Most recent one I had was in my dream, I saw myself dreaming (like i was in the same place, same everything) and I could feel a spirit moving around me (in my dream and in real life). Then i looked in front of me and looked up and I saw a blury image of my dads face looking at me. I could feel myself in real life trying to reach for him but it felt so hard. Then I woke up right after and his face was gone, but I am telling you... I have never felt something more real. And I always talk to my dad and look up in the sky, telling him: Where ever he is, I just want to know he is still here and I always tell him to just show me in some way he IS still watching me and right by my side. And i think this was his way of telling me.. (report)
Brew (10/8): I had a dream last night, recalling the struggles my mom had with her breast cancer. It's a terrible disease that slowly robs you of your independence. Towards the end my mom could no longer walk and needed assistance everytime she needed to use the bathroom. For months I would sleep in her room and wake up 4 or 5 times in the middle of the night to help her up and onto her commode. This is where my dream began but in an instant everything turned a brilliant white and I was holding my mom and telling her that I missed her and loved her. I woke up in tears and didn't quite know what to make of the dream. From what I've read, those visited from loved ones, always awoke with a sense of calm and peace but I was left balling? Either way I knew my mom was at peace. It's been 3 months since her passing and this is the first visit that I've had from her. It felt so real that I didn't want it to end. It's been a tough road since her passing but this has had a profound impact as I feel more at peace. (report)
txaggiegirl_86 (10/8): About 4 years ago my uncle passed away in a car accident. The night before the accident i had a dream that i was stopped at a red light and came and knocked on my window and told me to tell everyone in the family that he was ok and that he didn't suffer in the crash as it happened so fast and he was killed instantly.I actually knew all of this before the coroner did. (report)
waywithtravel (10/27): My ex wife passed away last week. We had been married 35 years, and only had been apart for less than two years. During our marriage we had never really been able to communicate. After she passed away, all of a sudden I found myself talking to her in my mind. I would speak and she would answer. All the conversations, which continue to this day are logical ones, about our life together, forgivness for things we did, and even her promise to be my guardian angel under certain circumstances, very few, which will make me a better person anyway. I am wondering if anyone else has had an experience like this. It really is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me because now she is in total communication with me and not too busy with other things. (report)
agreene (11/2): Yes, my grandmother has been dead for over 50 something years but when things get to much for be to bare she makes her self known, the last thing that happen is I had to go for a mammagram and I was scared to death,the night before I had a dream that the lights had gone in my living room, I was standing in the kitchen and they were people running to the bedroom I asked them what was wrong they said to me your grandmother is here, after that dream a calm came over me she came to let me know that it would be alright and it was. when she died I was nine years old but i never forgot her or the love that she had for me. i was passed over her grave they said so she would not come back for me so they said. but she does look out for me when I need her to (report)
fanseanancy (11/12): When my Dad died, my Mom and me and my sister came back from the cemetery after the funeral and put some flowers in a vase that we took from his grave. My Mom put the vase in the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and I noticed a black comb stuck in the middle of the flowers. I asked my Mom why there was a comb in Dad's flowers. She came into the bathroom and saw it and said that was my Dad's comb that went missing two weeks prior to his death, which they never could find. Someone try and explain that one. It was Definitely a sign. Maybe even a miracle. (report)
fanseanancy (11/12): My boyfriend's best friend who was an electrician just finished the electrical in our new home. He was shot and killed at a young 37 yrs old. We moved into our house and a couple of weeks after in the middle of the night all the fire alarms went off including the lights that light up the halls. We had them checked and there was nothing defective about them. When he was installing the fire detectors he and my boyfriend kept arguing where to put them. I found out later that he died at 3:30 am. The alarms went off at 3:30am. (report)
Anonymous (11/22): My mother passed three days ago, in her home, very old, tired, weak, and "used up". She went very slowly and peacefully. As I sat with her in her final moments, I could distinctly smell apples on her breath, but she hadn't eaten anything for a few days. Just now, at about 4:00 A.M. our time, I looked out our front door sidelight to see a sleek, beautiful doe whitetail deer nibbling tiny crab apples hanging from a decorative tree in our front yard. The deer was here for at least twenty minutes, showing no fear, even with the front porch light on, which somebody forgot to turn off last night. I see this as a sign from God letting us know Mother is doing fine... (report)
Anonymous (11/28): Has anyone noticed how many yes responses there are compared to the no responses? What does that tell you? As for myself I'm up to almost 30 signs since my daughter passed on Nov 4th, 2009. The signs began almost immediately when she passed. My son-in-law had the first sign when he was looking for a pair of earrings that he was going to give to the funeral home for her viewing. He couldn't decide between the emerald earrings or the diamond earrings. He located the diamond earrings first. He set them on the dresser while he searched for the emerald earrings. After he located them he went back to get the diamond pair, only one diamond earring sat on the dresser. He looked all over the bedroom for the other one. He searched the floor too thinking that it must have fell off the dresser, but to no avail. In a last ditch effort he started looking through the dresser drawers. He searched the first, second and third drawers, nothing. The fourth drawer was never used as it always stuck and required a lot of tugging and pulling to get it open. He wasn't even going to search that drawer but was inclined to do so. When he succeeded in opening the drawer there sat the lone diamond earring. We feel it was our daughter telling him she was okay and still with him and that she didn't want those darn diamonds anyway, only the emeralds for her showing. I have more sign stories from our daughter that are mind-blowing but they are much too numerous to type out here. Just know that there is something after this life on earth is over. We have witnessed the proof almost 30 times. God Bless! (report)
Anonymous (12/10): My beloved mother passed 8 yrs . ago shortly after my father passed they were divored and recently i dreamed them 2 gether happy n holdn handz and that only led me 2 believe they were 2 gether and n say n that they were happy n heaven thank u jesus (report)
babyboo (1/3): After A day that my boyfriend had passed away i was at the bus going to the school that me and him attended and clearly i heard someone in the back of the bus laugh just like him but i didnt want to turn so that just always stuck out to me because to me that was a sign that he was ok (report)
cherylwilson (1/16): i have had many signs from my mom i will never forget when we were on our way to my moms my oldest son which at the time was granny's baby i can see clearly as though it was yesterday i was on the passenger's side lookin in the sky and i glanced in the side mirrow and i could see my son as tears was streaming down his face as he he was starrin up in the sky.this was painful to see.also the night after layin her to rest me and my daughter's father was havin a heated argument that night while gettin ready for bed.about 1 hour passed when a clocked flipped over onto the floor it was so loud that he asked me why did i do that when he realized that i was astonished and scared and it was obvious to him that i hadnt been out of the bed.i have 2 other sisters and one day while we were talkin on the phone both of our tvs went off at the same time and then one day while packin gettin ready to move to new orleans there ladies knocked at my door and when i opened the door these same ladies were at a hotel where iwas workin so i didnt have a clue as to why were at my door.anyways i let them in cuz they said that they had a message for me from my mom.i instantly began to cry cuz i hadnt told them that mom had passed.they said that my mother was worried about me and that not to worry cuz she was alright.i still cry when i think of it like now.so yes they do indeed send signs.she sent me another sign using the clouds one day.i was feeling down so while i was sittin on the porch it was a beautiful sunny afternoon when i looked up i could clearly see a fully formed angel with wings and this was a unmistakinly an angel (report)
Young_gj (2/2): My grandma died very suddenly last year and I have had a few signs that she is watching over me and my family since then. A day after she died I went to bed and before I went to sleep asked her if she could give me a sign she was there, seconds later I felt something sit on the end of the bed and couldn't move the duvet. After about 20 secs I felt the weight lift and felt a presence slowly moving up the side of the bed to my head. I was too scared to look and asked her to go away as I now believed her and instantly that feeling of someone being in the room. There are other occurances but the latest was last night when I had a dream that she came to visit me and was showing me the future and letting me know she was ok. When I woke up this morning I found out my cousin on my grandmas side had given birth to a baby girl at prob the same time I was dreaming about my grandma (report)
bungysqk (2/15): Most definitely, Both parent passed at the same time, I was a teenager, They are always around me, When im in bed upset One of them sits next to me, I can feel the bed go down a bit, I feel them all the time. I feel whole again when that happens, Unfortunately it doesn't last long enough. Susan H-K Michigan (report)
Anonymous (3/2): My Dad recently died. I was sitting out the front of a takeaway food shop on a busy road, for some reason I felt as though I was going to see my Dad drive past. So I watched all the cars drive by. I was certain I was going to see him. My daughter and I took home our food and we ate it with the rest of the family. After dinner we decided to go for a walk around the block. When we were nearly back home from our walk, my wife and I saw a car that looked just like my Dad's drive quite quickly down the road. We both stopped and watch the car approach us. As the car got closer it started to slow down and drive slowly past. The person driving crouched down a bit to look out his passenger window and he stared as he drove pat. I gasped for air and yelled out " JESUS " my wife made a big gasp for air too. We were both in shock because it was my Dad that drove past. Plain and simple it was my Dad. (report)
thanks4theloveofChrist (3/6): I lost the love of my life in January. We were separated at the time. The day she died and I was not aware. I didn't find out till several days later. Between the time of her death and my finding out she came to me in a dream. She told me to call her. She was lounging with a group of people all of them dressed in white. I have prayed for her salvation before and after this happened. I am sure this sign is to reassure me of her salvation in The great Tribulation as it's written in The Bible, Revelation, Chapter 6 verse 9 (I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. 10They called out in a loud voice, "How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?" 11Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants and brothers who were to be killed as they had been was completed.) or Chapter 8 verse 9 (9After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. They were wearing white robes"..."These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. 15Therefore, "they are before the throne of God and serve him day and night in his temple; and he who sits on the throne will spread his tent over them. 16Never again will they hunger; never again will they thirst. The sun will not beat upon them, nor any scorching heat. 17For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead them to springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.) I wish I had more room to list all the signs I received. I know we should never stop praying and all things are possible through Jesus Christ. All praise and glory to God, Amen! (report)
MissJess25 (3/11): My Grandmother and I were very close when she was alive. She passed 2 years ago and since I have had dreams of her being alive and flash back dreams of her life with me as well. But nothing like the dream I had last night. In my dream I was sitting next to a grave in a cemetary, not clearly marked as hers and I was deeply weeping. All of a sudden a glowing van/bus starting coming towards me on the path and upon getting closer I saw my grandmother in the passenger seat with an older man driving who was smiling. My grandmother got off the bus and came to me. She looked like she did before she passed but was thin, as she always complained about being heavy in her later life, lol. She took my hands in hers and kissed me lightly on the lips, something she, my mother, my aunt and I had always done. She hugged me, said "I love your" and either "take care of your man" and or "you're man will take care of you". A few weeks ago I had gotten in a fight with my boyfriend and was praying to her to give me the right answer. I didn't get to say anything to her really. And she left without saying anything more. I woke up from this dream at 6am HYSTERICALLY crying. Whether from the intensity of this, the uncertainty that it was real, or the pain of missing her, I don't know. But, I hope that I will see her again. Maybe with some more conversation :) (report)
WhiteRoses2010 (3/12): When my father passed away at home I hugged him tightly for along time crying "Dad" over and over....after holding him for several minutes very tightly....from him,(his chest) I felt a warm like (large horshoe shape)feeling over my chest area and coming down both sides of my chest/rib area. This was...3-4 inches wide ...quickly but lingering until I let go (raising up from my Dad) This was very real, warm and vibrating, like I knew to react.... (it did not come from my body, but coming from his)I raised up from my fathers dead body and I immediately quit crying looking and feeling startled but ok and safe. Can anyone please tell me what came from my father and into me or against my body, actully the warmth went in me....I was not afraid, but it came from my father to me all at one time and I knew to get up, It was alive...the feeling I felt....and calm....what happened, what was this remarkable feeling. We were very close. He been dead for about 5 minutes, no one else was in his room...they had closed his door and I went back in to hold him. Please only serios people respond. This is something I feel everyday....like it's still there, but not. Please answer (report)
Anonymous (3/16): I work in a nursing facility and had the priviledge of caring for a young man who, in the two years i knew him, became just like my own son. Two weeks ago, in the early hours of a saturday morning, I recieved a phone call that he had died. Distraught and hysterical, I drove as fast as i could to see him before they came to pick up his body. I sat with his body and cried and talked to him, kissed him and sang OUR song to him. When they came to pick him up, I covered him with the comforter from his bed and walked him to the door. I gave him one last kiss and said good bye. Hours later, when I left the facility to go home, still in disbelief that he was gone, I stopped at a traffic light just acouple blocks from the nursing home and as i sat there crying , yelling why, I happened to see the license plate on the car in front of me..it said, LUV U 22. He was 22...nough said...Live on sweet child! (report)
mscfrk1981 (4/1): When I became pregnant with my daughter I started to have a pair if mourning doves living under porches at my house. they have been living here now since she was born and that was 21 months ago. So from pregnancy till now they have been here. I feel like they are some sort of guardian to my daughter. they choose to live under my porch out front of my daughters room. why there when they have a whole yard? (report)
htaylor (4/28): yes my father passed away at the same time and day i woke up early in the morning just for no reason something like a bad dream but it wasnt anything like that. (report)
Anonymous (5/9): 3 years ago my sister past away(we were very close).well a few nights ago i had a very strange dream that me and my brother was in my room just talking when suddenly the door opend slowly and then slammed voilently, then there she was in my dream clear as day, she walked over to me and grabbed both of my hands quite hard and i thought "oh my god she's going to tell me im next" but she never did, she did talk tho but it was just random words and numbers, her exact words were "there is a 48 23 at 60" then she left, just dissapeard. i woke emidiatly after and my hands had a bit of a tingle in them sort of like they were buzzing. as you could imagini was a little freaked out and couldnt sleep after. (report)
lyndy (5/12): My Dad passed march 17th,I brought personnel things of his home.I brought his radar gun in the bag he kept it,in.He used this at all of the snowmobile races we went together to see how his sled was running.During the next few night after he passed a noise was comimg from the bag,his stop watch was also in there,and I didn't know it at the time.It was beeping for several nights at exactly 11:15,then at 4:30 in the morning always waking me.I then shut the alarm part off,and the morning I had to be at his garage to sell his things it went off at 6:30 am and woke me with the alarm disabled.I will always believe he was letting me know he was there. (report)
janet (5/23): i had 3 kisses in the sky and i found a heart shaped stone both from my husband (report)
2angel_eyes (5/24): Every person is different, and believe in what they want to, but I truely do believe in seeing the deceased. I have since I was a child, my mother was the same way, as for my little brother, and my own son. If it is "not" possible, then how is it that my son when he'd just turned 3, told me about his uncle richard, explained how he died in a car wreck, & gave complete detail on the accident? Funny thing was... he had never met his uncle richard, nor did he know about him... Same thing happened when my grandfather passed away, no one told him or said anything about grandpa's death infront of or around my son. He started talking to someone in his room later on the night my grandfather died. When I asked him who he was talking to, he told me an old man & the old man said he was his GAMPA ________..odd enough, my son had only met him once, & at that time my son was only 3 months old. He gave us details on what happened, & he was completely right, down to the T. As much as it broke my heart to know that my son knew, my son was right that night, & we still see my grandfather now & then. Mostly just my son & I. & my son is 6 years old now. But i completely believe, & to the people that dont, I say this as my own opinion... You are just not open to SEE. You block it out, or just cant open up enough to be able to see what others are fortunate to see. & alot of people that wont let themselves see, is because they are just scared of what they might see, so they block it out completely. sorry so long... thanks & good bye for now :) (report)
nolagirl (6/2): My mother passed away in August 08. We attended my husband's sister's wedding in December of that same year. It was a small wedding held at the home of her inlaws. This was the first time I had met any of these people..The grooms's grandmother "granny" as they all called her, arrived and she looked incredibly like my mother. she was the same size,her mannerisms were the same, laughed like her and even had the same smoker's cough like her. I was mesmermized by her. When the wedding was over, she had to drive home which was 50 miles away and I was worried about her driving by herself at night, after all, she was in her 80's. We were still at their house getting ready to say our goodbyes when the phone rang. The lady of the house said the call was for me. I thought, who would be calling me here...how odd. This was the first time I'd been here...It was Granny letting me know she got home safely...before we hung up she said to me "I love you". I responded back, "I love you too, Granny". Why would this strange person, I had only met one time, tell me that? Needless to say I was stunned. I knew that was my mama telling me she was ok and that she loved me, thru Granny... (report)
Jenifer (6/6): In March 5, 2000, my father died suddenly of a heart attack, unexpectedly 13 months after my mother lost her battle with cancer. (My grandmother says he died of a broken heart.) He was only 36 years old, and very handsome. I was only 16 years old at the time. After his death, like yoohoo2, I saw a man who looked EXACTLY like him around my town, walking around... I was not the only person to see the man either. SEVERAL of my friends and family members in past years would tell me that they too saw the man identical to my father the year after his death. The population of Bullard, Texas at the time was only about 1000 people. He was a very distinctive looking guy... Caucasian, but with very dark skin, salt & pepper hair, beautiful smile, and the warmest brown eyes ever. Coincidence? I don't think so. (report)
Jenifer (6/6): I also need to tell another story, related to my above post. My father died on a Sunday. Exactly one week to the day before he died, I was taking a nap, and had a dream he was dead. I don't recall the dream, but I remember feeling more frightened than I have ever felt in my entire life. He was at a friend's house at the time of the dream, but got home around 2-3 pm (the time that he died, seven days later). When he got home, I started crying incessantly, and telling him I had a feeling he was going to die soon. Oddly, he didn't refute my claims, but he conforted me. He died on the same couch he had comforted me, nearly 168 hours later.... Also, the day my mother died, I was in the room next to her. The night before her death, she spoke to me at great length about life, love, and all sorts of things a 15 year old girl needs to hear. Then, that morning, she sent my 12 year old brother out to go fishing, and died in her sleep. I was compelled to watch "Fried Green Tomatoes", her favorite movie, for no discernable reason, and when it was over, I went in to check on her, and she was dead. (report)
Jenifer (6/6): Usually, I have precognitive dreams of my loved ones dying. In 1991, I had a dream of my brother dying a horrible death. I woke up screaming, and told my mother what had happened. She was alarmed, but told me to go back to sleep. The next morning, her friend had woken me up to tell me my brother was electrocuted and killed. In the past month, two of my exes have died, and I have also dreamt of them both, before their deaths, and have many dreams of each, and even one dream of the both of them. Although the dreams were not about death, it is a little strange, especially since I have spoken or seen either of these men in a long time. J. died of a heart attack at age 29; he was my very first boyfriend, and my first kiss. I haven't heard from him since he returned from Afghanistan about four years ago. The other guy, D., was more of a friend really, than a boyfriend, although he was the last man I kissed, beside my current boyfriend of three years. I hadn't spoken or seen him since at least September 2009. He committed suicide 10 days ago. (report)
Anonymous (6/16): I was watching a show, TV channel changed to baseball game without touching anything. My love, he loved baseball. A cloud of smoke appeared, hovered over his ashes, then disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Our dog knows when he is here, she goes over, lowers her head to let him pet her. Lowering her head to be pet is her normal stuff, 2 knocks at door, nobody in sight, a minute later, same thing at neighbors house, she helped me take care of him at home. (report)
Charmed (6/17): For a couple of weeks I kept dreaming about an ex-boyfriend that I hadn't seen in about 20 years. In my dreams, he would just be standing over me, watching me while I slept. Several weeks later, I was scanning through the obituaries and seen where his grandmother had just passed away. That's when I noticed that it said that he had proceeded his grandmother in death. I was shocked! I started researching his name and found out that he had died 6 years earlier. I just wonder why he came to me in my dreams 2 weeks before his grandmother passed away? (report)
c2003 (6/18): yes i have... my grandpa died in feb 14 2006 and the day we buried him i came home and cried so hard and told him im not gna cry nomore i know your ok and fell asleep and when i finally did he came to me and he was dressed in white like a tuxcedo looking suit very nice all white and he came into his house and stood bye my fam and grandma also and one bye one he put his hand on there shoulder letting them its ok now dont cry nomore and said bye to my fam and i was standing with him at the door before he left and he wiped my tears and said dont cry nomore im ok and he hugged me so tight i could feel him and smell him and when he walked out the door it was so bright i woke up and i was crying and hugging myself real hard but i smelled like him thats the last time i dreamed with him but i know hes ok and gne forever until we meet again i have faith and its true they do come back around one last time nomatter what and only the people that have expierenced this know how its feels and that its true (report)
Anonymous (6/22): I am an atheist, but just because I dont believe in God does not mean I dont believe people have energy, an energy that can still inhabit the earth long after someone dies. Last year my grandmother passed away, I had lived with her the last 5 yrs of her life. It was very hard on my family for she was the loving matriarch. Just a few months ago my mom sold her house to live closer to me and live with my sister and her new baby whom is named after my late grandma. After months of losing out on houses and feeling like we would never find a good home for her and my niece I cried out to my grandma for support which I often do when Im looking for comfort. That day I opened an envelope with some paperwork in it and there was a silver dollar. I was tripping out because I swear on my life I knew that coin was not there and its kind of a long standing joke in my family. I wont bore you with the details now, but I asked my mom if she had placed the coin in the manila envelope with the paperwork for her house and she said no all her silver dollars from my grandma were packed up in storage, I showed her the coin and told her to put it in her jewelry box for good luck! The very next day we got the news that one of our bids were accepted and my mom was finally getting a nice home for her, my sister and the baby to live in. I didnt think twice about the coin, in fact I completely forgot about it until I read this article. I immediately got goose bumps when I read about the use of coins and how many people related them to the dead and I started to cry, It was exactly what happened to me last week and I am so glad I took a few extra minutes on my lunch to finish t he article because it just gave me a sense of peace and hope in my heart!!! (report)
almacamp (6/23): When my husband died...I made the funeral arrangements the day after...I had an appointment at 1:30 and left early so that I may drive calmly and avoid accidents since I was very upset. My husband died in a head on collision. As I was driving to the funeral home...I was upset and was having strong crying spells every few minutes. I was trying to remain calm and was not looking for any signs. Suddenly, a vehicle merged into the freeway I was on from my right. I slowed down to allow the white car in front of me. The sign my husband sent was very obvious. The plates on the vehicle had my name on it and 130. I knew immediately that my husband was letting me know that he was with me. A few weeks later I was again driving on the freeway when suddenly a vehicle exactly like my husbands (color and make) pulled in front of me...on the plates it read (jst 4 tease)..I knew again he was with me..and using his humor as always. Our loves ones never leave us... (report)
jackieanthony (6/24): My boyfriend passed away recently in May 31st, 2010. I am at the worst part of my life. The day before his service, his phone called my phone. it was at 7:35 am, i had set a special ringtone for him. i woke up and picked up the phone call. but nothing was on the other line. I talked to his cousin and he said that his phone is in the police department and it was never charged after he passed. i don't know if this is the way for him to say good bye and that he loves me. the day of his service, there was a white butterfly flying back and forth from where i was at and his family. i didn't see it, but i think it's him...because i love butterfly. (report)
Anonymous (6/29): My father passed away last April 25th at 73 years of age. My sister and two bothers and I were with him at the hospital when he passed. My sister and I live on the other side of the country and my boyfriend flew us both there to be with him when he passed. My dad was sorry that he would never get to meet my wonderful boyfriend who made sure his daughters got there in time. He was very worried about dying and had what they call end of life issues. Mumbling a lot about what will happen after he goes and very afraid. He eventually passed peacefully as I had them up his morphine... One of my brothers mentioned that dad had been really getting into Pink Floyd in the months prior, and that he asked my brother, who also was a PF fan if he knew how to cue The Wizzard of Oz to play with Dark side of the moon. Now if you're not a Pink Floyd fan let me explain. It's kind of an underground cult thingy that fans have discovered and that is that if you watch the Wizzard of Oz with the sound off and start Dark side of the moon in just the right spot they are in sync and it's really trippy. Anyway my dad and brother never figured out how to time it before my dad passed... After he died and the funeral home picked up his body, we all drove dads car over to the funeral home. We had been driving that car all week and the radio on always. A few times we had attempted to insert a CD but when we hit eject the little door would open and close quickly and not accept or eject a CD, so we just left it on the radio... (cont) (report)
Anonymous (6/29): In the meeting with the funeral home they asked us what song we would like played. We all looked around blankly and said we would tell them later. When we got back out to the car I said "I can't believe we have no idea what song dad wanted!" When we turned on the car the radio that had been fine all week, was complete static. My sister said, "Hot his presets and lets listen to his favorite stations. We hit button number one and a Pink Floyd song was playing. My brother said "OMG it's a sign from dad" to which I replied "Um, ok, but we are NOT going to play Pink Floyd at a funeral! That's just not ok!" and as soon as those words left my mouth, the song ended and the next one started. It was Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here". I turned it up and we cried all the way home knowing we found the perfect song. (at this point I still just thought it was a coincidence and WE just happened upon a song WE liked....) So, the first night after he died my sister and I slept in dad's bed and my brothers slept in other rooms. At six in the morning we were awoken to a loud noise and shot up out of a dead sleep. The iron that was on the iron holder on the back of the door was swinging back and forth very aggressively, and making a huge racket. There was no denying it was a supernatural occurrence as nothing on earth could have made that happen...We thought it was him telling us that there is something after death and he was still there. ...(cont) (report)
Anonymous (6/29): We found dad's PF cd and played "Wish you were here" at the funeral. (Dad was a music lover and had a CD collection at home and a portfolio of burned and cataloged copies to listen to in his car) The next day set out to the lake in his car to scatter his ashes. We wanted to play the song on the way there so once again we attempted to insert the CD into the uncooperative CD player which at first did it's regular refusal to accept or eject a CD. We really wanted to hear it so we got more forceful and pulled the little door open and out popped a CD.... It was a burned copy of the exact CD we were trying to insert. The Pink Floyd CD with "Wish you were here" on it. It was the last CD dad put in there and listened to when he was driving. If we had hit "Play" instead of his number 1 radio station that day we would have heard the same song. Dad was telling us what song to play for him, and it was perfect. So we also played it when we scattered him over the waterfall he took us to when we were kids... oh and one more thing....On the day my dad passed, my boyfriend was at home when a friend that lives an hour away showed up unannounced and unexpected. He just wanted to give my boyfriend something and left his car running as he didn't intend to stay. He just felt like bring this thing over to him and that was it. It was something my bf and his friend had never talked about before. It was a fan made bootleg DVD of The Wizzard of Oz with Dark side of the moon as the soundtrack lined up in just the right place. (report)
suzyqttu (7/6): It was almost a year after my dad passed unexpectedly that I had something out of the ordinary happen. I was getting out of my car, and found one of the new dollar coins laying in the floor of my car; I found this strange because I had just cleaned everything out of my car the day prior. Also, this coin was what my dad always carried in his pocket. Was this a way for my dad to say that he was watching over me? (report)
jovialgeoff (8/12): After my wife died, around two weeks after, things started happening in my house, ie.. pictures on the walls were often hanging down at one side as if they had only one hanger on them(they had two) cook books were pulled from the bookcase for several days, hot bath tap running full on in the night and ciggy smoke smell in the bathroom (my wife liked a book and a ciggy whilst taking a bath) clocks stopped and started for no reason , once one clocked stopped on the hour my daughter was married, although the battery was ok and it started again for months afterwards, lights flickered also, perfume smells usually on the stairs. All of these sort of things went on for about 12 months, and the same stuff was also happening at my daughters house, the strangest thing was a message left on my daughters phone from her mum, and this message was almost 12 months after she died. All in all i take this as her just letting me know she was and still is about, it does not worry me, in fact it makes me feel ok. (report)
Anonymous (8/13): My fiance died Nov 2005, a couple days after our daughter's ist birthday party. I have always believed in the afterlife and that ppl's souls can still watch over us, and after he died I always used to speak to him in my mind but never felt sure he was responding or could hear me until one day, I was talking away to him in my mind, asking him a series of questions, like, if everything was going to be ok with my daughter and I and whether or not I was going to do a good job on my own, and if she was going to turn out like him etc... and then I stopped mid sentence and asked him, "are you hearing anything I am saying or am i just talking to myself?" That night I got my answer. I was drifting off to sleep and all of a sudden my eyes opened and I could see the room and then it was as if the room disappeared with this powerful gust of wind that whipped through the room, but the wind chimes in the room did not move. The room changed into a completely white blank, empty space except for the chimes, and my whole body felt like it was being electrified, like every single nerve ending in my body was being stimulated as the gust of wind went right through my body - I have never felt anything like that before or since, then I just heard, in my head, my fiance's voice very quickly answering all my questions that I had asked that morning, telling me he loves me and is watching over my daughter and I and not to worry, everythign was going to be fine our daughter would be fine because of how I will raise her.... and all the while I felt this warm love from him wash over me. I emerged from the vision knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything was going to be fine and that he was always going to be watching out for us. (report)
Anonymous (8/20): The love of my life died recently. I have had a difficult time with grieving over the loss. One day I cleaned my bedroom and had taken everything off of my dresser and dusted. There were only a couple of items I had put back on the dresser. I went into my daughter's room to water some flowers and I was crying over the loss. I was saying to myself, why are you grieving so much, if you were the one who had died, he wouldn't be grieving over you. I walked back into my bedroom and there on the dresser was a penny with the year we were married. The day after he died I saw a round rainbow in the sky when there were no rain clouds anywhere. When I got home there was a blue and black butterfly waiting for me on my screen door. It kept flying around me on the porch. I saw that butterfly in several locations for days after that. Then, my puppy was dying in my arms. I was calling out to my loved one to please take her with him. As soon as the puppy died, I walked outside the door (at 7:30 pm.) and there was the blue and black butterfly as if to say, "It's okay, she is safe with me now." I haven't grieved over the puppy's death like I do my other animals. I haven't felt her spirit here because I know she is with him. (report)
4goodreason (8/22): A couple of months after my father died, he appeared to my husband - actually woke him up. He told him to tell me he was fine and to stop worrying about him so much. The day we went to clear out his stuff, my husband's alarm went off even though it had never been set. I know some don't want to believe in this but I know it to be true. I have had premonitions and so has my husband. You know when it happens to you how real it is. (report)
Paranormal (8/26): About 10 days after my dad had passed away I was sleeping and in a dream-like state I felt a very strong wind and the closet doors opened. Everything around me was white. I was not afraid even though this wind was very powerful. I felt arms around me hugging me and then lifting me up off the bed. I didn't want it to ever end. It was the most peaceful feeling I have every experienced. Then I was set back down, the hugging ended and so did the wind. Was this just a dream? I know it wasn't. Once you have had such an experience it is not even close to comparing it to a dream. I never got to say goodbye to my dad when he was conscious. I know this was his way of telling me he loved me and was ok. (report)
Anonymous (8/26): Yes. My Dad died at 12:34 am the next day at the same time a clock went off and beeped a certain amount of times. It did it the next day as well, but the 3rd day it did not. It was not set, nor had it ever done it before. My neice and I were going through his Will and talking about him when this happened. (report)
Chelle (8/27): After my most precious and beautiful loved one passed away, my best friends and I decided to go and visit his family. We'd been talking the previous evening about how butterflies are meant to be the spirits of people who have passed away ... we were all feeling incredibly emotional and fragile as we headed to visit his family's house and literally the first footstep I took on that street, a butterfly landed on my chest! We managed to get a photo as proof cos we all freaked out after our conversation the previous evening. Then as we were at his family's house another one landed on my friend's leg and stayed for ages. Ever since that we've all been united by butterflies and have seen them in very significant places/times to our loved one. And then a few months later we were shown footage of him from shortly before he passed away, and he had included butterflies in it. Too much of a coincidence and a very special feeling <3 (report)
monique1vas (8/30): Since I was a little girl i have experienced strange things that I can not explain. From objects moving on there own for no reason, lights go on when i stand under it and the light bulb has been dead for a year, in my garage the light goes on by itself only when i go in. I can go on forever. A few years ago I was about 8 weeks pregnant and sitting on the bed watching tv with my 5 yr old son and he was telling me he seen a star. His eyes were just follwing it. At first I seen nothing and all of a sudden I see the beautiful white sparkley ball of light floating around my room and it lands next to me on my bed and slowly fades away. I was not scared it was so neat, I have never seen anything like it in my life. Two days later I had a miscariage. Don't know if it had anything to do with it but maybe. (report)
carolyn (8/31): yes i have. My dad passed away only a few weeks ago and I was putting his photos on to a cd when i saw a copy of a photo of my mum and dad that i had taken to the funeral parlour and put in his coffin. The photo had a blue light on my dad. Strangely enough the night before i had asked for sign from my dad that he was ok and with me. (report)
carol909 (9/5): The day I buried my dad, whom i cared for many years, who I loved with all my heart came to me. He had been hospitalized frail and had a trac I saw him sitting on a gurny the trac was gone he was swinging his legs holding his hands his color was good and he had a big smile and said "I'm alright now. (report)
louise (9/6): After my mother passed away back in 2005 I was sitting watching tv, I saw a message on my cell phone that read MOMS HOME. My phone did not ring, and there was no phone number there. I guess it was her way of letting me know that she had reached her heavenly home. I couldn't believe my eyes what I was seeing. (report)
mandaliz (9/10): Oh, there have been SO many. My father in law passed away this past May at 56 years old from a massive heart attack. We (his son, grandsons and i) moved into his house last month. I find pennies ALL OVER the house. Just before we moved here, we were sitting in the front yard at our old house and a truck just like his drove by (yes, they are everywhere, but we were talking about him at the time... kind of strange). I had a dream about him last night. It was one of the most vivid and clear dreams I have ever had, and I remember it just as clearly now as I did this morning, and that never happens! He thanked me for bringing him his truck ( I was driving it in the dream) and told me he'd be back in a few minutes. I referenced a kind of private joke, and he laughed, hugged me and said "I'll be back soon" and he got in the truck and left. I woke up before he returned. (report)
bonnie (9/10): my mom died last tuesday friday of last week we buried her then next day i seen a rainbow so i decided to take a pic of it in the rainbow i saw a women a man and 2 babys what does this mean the women looked like my mom (report)
missymoo12 (9/23): my grandmother passed away 2yrs ago. lastnite i was in bed in my sleep i could hear her voice crying and asking if this was me.i woke up out of a sleep looked around my room put my head back down on the pillow and threw my whole room i could hear the same voice again my grandmother crying and asking is this you. she was calling out my name.i been going threw a lot of stress this past couple of weeks and a bad break up after 6yrs.soo i believe she was crying out to me (report)
elong1969 (9/29): I to think I have received a sign. My mother passed away on 09/06/10 and I have had a hard time dealing with this. Last night before I went to bed I asked her to give me a sign that she is still with me and that she is ok and is with her parents. Today I received an email from her. The subject was PICS and it was dated in March 2010. I got really teary eyed. I think this is my sign that I wanted. What do you think? (report)
gpas_girl (10/19): My grandfather passed away on Father's Day 2010. We were very close, in fact the last conversation he had was with the night nurse in the hospital, he was talking about me. Knowing that has been the greatest treasure he left me. Since his passing, I have seen at least one white butterfly daily, sometimes more, but always at least one. I don't look for them, they just flutter by. I'm hoping I see them for a long time, I'm not a religious person, neither was he, but I have to wonder about these white butterflies... (report)
dec (10/23): ... I'm not sure if it was a legitimate sign or not, but my dad died when i was very young and in a very tragic way. i was there and i had had no idea how i was going to move on from seeing him pass on, But about a few months after his death i had a dream where we were in our house and i woke up in my room and i heard him shovelling (which is what i always woke up too on a winter morning) and i went outside and cried and said daddy i thought you were dead, and he just laughed and said.. no it was just a dream, i love you very much and will never leave you... i still get this dream sometimes but not as often... so maybe it was a sign and maybe not? (report)
goldenvanilla (10/30): My husband died unexpectedly. a few days later while I was in the shower.I heard him. He said clearly and slowly. I have checked in...I am here...near..and around....I cant stay long...then I will have to go home... I was very content from that moment on that he was heading to heaven and he was letting me know he was around for awhile then had to go.. (report)
Anonymous (10/31): I just had a sign today while eating at a mexican restaurant with my boyfriend. I was talking to him about how at first when my mom died (which was the 8th of october 2010) i could feel her presence and her energy but I haven't felt it lately so I think shes "gone". well 10 or 15 minutes had passed and theres a jukebox in this restaurant that people can put money into to play songs and they are just mexican or spanish songs that play because where i live no one really speaks english. nobody put money into the jukebox so it hadn't played any music for a while but out of nowhere a song by my moms favorite group the eagles came on the song was "best of my love" i burst into tears overwhelmed by emotion i cried because i knew it was my mom. the lyrics were like she was talking to me. she played that song for me to let me know shes always with me. i know that no one selected that song because i sat right next to the jukebox and no one went to it. (report)
Anonymous (11/2): I find pennies all around the house since a couple months after my dad died. It clicked in my head one day and I thought, "they are from him." I recently found a penny in one shoe after I had worn it all day and had not taken it off. I had even worked out in the shoes. I read the back of the penny because not all of the pennies had a substantial date. The penny says, E Pluribus Unum. When I googled this it means "One out of many." He is always giving me penniesbut I feel like he is trying to give me a deeper message than one out of many, which could be pretty deep. (report)
marieca (11/6): My ex-husband had a tragic motor bike accident. He had huntington's disease(neurological) and had seen several aunts and uncles die including his dear mother from this.He never told me he had it but I found out from his brother that he had known he had it for 2 years.His brother said he was conerned that he was on a fast track since he found out. The relationship was volital because of his personality but it got much worse and i did not know why. I considered the illness but I did not want to believe he had it. We were married 18 years and divorcing him was very hard. Long story short, i told his brother that I had alwys loved him but I could not take it anymore, he was getting verbally abusive with my mother (90 yrs old) and my children. My ex accused me of unbelievable things and was very angry, to the point that I was scared. The day after he died I emailed his brother and told him "now he knows the truth and is at peace". He had met someone the last few months and I was told he was very happy but still his anger was obvious and directed at me.I was at Kroger and a friend sent me a text and I was fumbling for the phone. She was letting me know about services for him. My cousin walked up to me as I read the message.I opened the pad on the phone to respond, I think, which I now think that I did not have my glasses on so I would not be able to do that. There was a text message already typed at my phone that read "I kno". I burst out in tears. My cousins eyes were huge and she asked me "what, what?. I showed her and i said, did you see me type something?She said "no,you were reading". I burst into tears and I knew it was from my ex. He gave me the sweetest most loving gift in the universe. He eased my guilt and confirmed my believe in God and the universe.His new friends had no idea he was sick. He had to get angry or not get his way for someone to see he was not right in his mind.But he is perfect now and we will meet again. (report)
guardian (11/12): Today is the anniversary of my brothers death. He was killed in Iraq in 2004. Every morning I get up and move my wifes car and leave her keys in a safe place inside her car. This morning it was raining heavily, and my wife and 1 yr old daughter were going to be on the roads. When I was walking back to my car to go to work, i heard her car lock, with the keys inside. I believe that was my brother making sure that my girls were not on the road today to prevent an accident. Even though it was an inconvenience, it still makes me very happy to know that he may really be our guardian angel.. Love and miss you Jarrod! (report)
claudia48 (11/13): my fater past away 5/2010 Its was hard watching him go and come back his heart would stop and about a few sec he would get a paulse back.He didnt want to die but,he didn't have a chance no more too many complications,his last few minutes i took over and just talk to him i told him a lot of beautiful stories that i would always remmber about him,he was a really good father i was everthing to him and he was to me.At the end i told him dad stop figthing just go and rest in peace go with your loved ones we will be fine here, he just looked at me and die a few secounds later. everthing happened so fast.About 3 days later i had a dream about him i knew he was dead in my dream i wasn't afraid i was happy to see him in my dream we talk to,in y dream i was walking in a long hallway and saw him walking towards me i was dad dad dad how are u doing he reply back n told me am fine now at that time he was holding my baby girl n looking at her he told me,I didn't want to leave n leave u guys by your self but i couldn't hold on any longer with you guys my condition wasn't to go anymore. I told him dad are u going to watch over us he reply back baby ever chance ill get but you have to remember i am not god to watch you guys like that you need to ask god to watch over you and protect you as well, at that moment he gave me by baby back in my arms n i told him onces again that i loved him alot thank you for being the best n a good father n that i loved him he was walking away in the opposite way from me and i was leaving holding my baby i was looking back to him he wasnt just walking away i began to scream louder and louder as i saw more of a distance from each other then i woke up crying really bad beacuse at that moment i knew i wasnt going to see him anymore. Its been hard my father was everthing for me he was the only person i could count on now i just have my two kids and god and my self thank you gys god bless you and loved ones. (report)
fegaria (12/7): my best friends mother died and when he call me to tell me that, i start to cry cause i was not in her funeral to say goodbye. 3 days after, i saw her on my dream telling me from faraway ''Vali gia!(bye in greek)'' and she was wairing a green dress with flowers,going true a place who fat half naked 'people-animals' waiting for her.She continue her way not be bother of skered by them.I call the mornig her son to tell him that .He said that she was wairing that dress that i told him,and that in the bible sais that the dethpeople are going thrue the telones, i dont know the word in english,i dont speak that well sorry.Telones are demons witch they wait on the way to do something with the soul of the dead person.Its my 5th dead person who give me a message after his gone.The come but only if a have a strong connection with them or only if i was thinking very mutsh about them.So no worrys...the steel exist after and its ok.We have to let them go and go on with our lifes but continue love them and remeber them.They like it i thing. (report)
Anonymous (12/7): The night before my grandma passed away i had a dream while i was awak still and wondered what i would do when she died and what would happen if i was there. The next morning while i was eating breakfast she came down stairs had a heart attack and than died after me calling 911 while i gave her CPR. This is almost exactly like i had thought about the night before and still scares me and i feel i should have done something. (report)
Nenitamala (12/8): My grandmother passed away in 2006. She loved wearing red lipstick and would always kiss her grandchildren, leaving her red lips on our faces. On the anniversary of her death in 2007, my daughter woke up to find a lipstick stained kiss on her bedroom mirror. We instantly believed it was my grandmother. 3 years passed since then, and we completely forgot about it. On Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010, I was driving on the NYS Thruway when my front passenger wheel came off, I almost crashed, it was a near-death experience. While stranded on the highway and crying, I started praying to God and asking my grandmother to please protect me. It was the scariest day of my life. To make a long story short, after my vehicle was towed and fixed and I was heading home, I stopped at a red light and as the light from the street pole illuminated into my vehicle, I look over to the front passenger seat window (the same side where the wheel came off), and there was a kiss on my window, and it was from the outside. I freaked out, but I had forgotten all about the kiss on my daughter?s bedroom mirror. I called my daughter to ask her if she kissed the car, and she adamantly denied it, then she screamed and said, OMG Mom, that must have been grandma!!! She kissed your car to show you she was with you, just like when she kissed the mirror. I was so overcome with emotions, I immediately drove to her cemetery and cried, thanking her for protecting me. I know she?s my guardian angel. (report)
Anonymous (12/9): My father died a few months ago. About a month after he died, I was driving home from work when a car zipped in front of me. The license plate read "COPE." I had never ever seen this sign before. A few days later, I had a dream that I was sitting in the back seat of a car. Suddenly the door opened and my dad slipped into the seat next to me. I could not believe my eyes. I knew he had died and was overjoyed to see him. I looked at him and asked him how he was. Fine he said. I asked him what he was upto on the other side. He said he was very busy, but did not go into any details. He then opened the door to get out. I started crying and begged him not to go and leave me alone. He paused, turned back to look at me and said that he had to go, that it was magic where he was, and that he would wait for me until my time came. He then got out of the car and disappeared without looking back. (report)
lexisurfx2 (12/9): I'm 14, my grandma died this year. I have been having many connections with her. But no one else has, i feel very scared, but comforted knowing it's her. This sounds nuts, but yesterday at my school christmas play, I look out in the crowd and there she was, Smiling just like she always did. Clapping. This lady look identical to my grandmother. Same outfit she was buried in, same EVERYTHING. I smiled at her, she smiled back. As i walked back off the stage when the show ended, I couldn't find her. Now, i've been wondering, what does this mean? Also, My birthday that just passed, I made a birthday wish for her to hear me, I said I love you to myself, hoping it'd get to her from earth to heaven. Seconds later, I feel this weird sensation over me. Before i explain, note that my grandma loved the lotto, and those scratch off cards. She always wanted me to win big! so my aunt, who lived with my grandma, gave me one for my birthday. As i'm scratching it off with a coin, still with this sensation, I win. As if she says, Happy birthday to me. It sounds odd, I know. But i know this is her. (report)
jlwl (12/11): i believe it happens, this might sound weird but my sons father was murdered on 9/11/07, my moms house burnt down on 9/11 as well just different year..every since my sons dad has passed i notice everytime i look at the clock its 9:11..and sometimes i feel like when i see that it has to mean something just dnt know if its be buggin or not..i like to think its him..and after he died i never had a dream about him until recently i had dreams back to back, and all the dreams were just like we were in real life, happy and so loving..was that his way of telling me he still loves me (report)
rey (12/19): My mother sees my deceased father getting rolled in her front door in a wheel chair,she asked me what that means and I have ni clue because he never was in a wheel chair for no reason. what does this mean does anyone know???? (report)
Anonymous (12/20): my stepfather passed from blood clots after being pined between two trucks, back in september.Its now december and the other night i had a very realistic dream about him. The dream started back on the night he died, we were in the ER after he passed saying our goodbyes, and he was right next to me talking to me,telling me that he wasn't dead and i was trying to explain to him that yes he physicly was and there was his body right in front of us.He was arguing with me telling me "NOPE" that he was NOT dead, then was like you left me your just gunna leave me, why? im not dead. After that i dont remember to much of the rest of the dream. Im not sure what this meant or anything if hes not gone home you know passed over or what; i hope and pray that he does cross over and hope he still will come visit me. (report)
Anonymous (12/20): Yes, yes! SO MANY messages & "love letters". I'll think about my love that died this year & I'll get a message soon after whether it be through a song, dreams of him & us talking in dream, telepathic messages that do not feel like they are coming from my mind (strange!), mischievous & funny events that could only come from him 'cause it has something to do with him, a license plate message with his name on it, strange occurrence on the computer that answers a question that I asked out loud regarding him, I open to a random page in a book & it's a passage that explains our story, something on TV or his name is said just as I'm thinking of him & walking into the room, answers come in many ways & of course, the ever reassuring feeling of his loving presence with me, sitting next to me & I just KNOW it's him, etc, etc... If you listen with your heart & intuition, not your logical mind then you will know it's true. It is absolutely out of this world!!! I feel VERY fortunate to experience all that I do & continue to feel close to his soul & be open to what is delivered to me. Don't get me wrong- I am still grieving his death. Though, love is eternal & death from this physical world is only one step to something more- way beyond our comprehension in the here & now. Death, per se, does not scare me anymore. It's actually quite beautiful. (report)
Anonymous (12/21): I had several dreams about my brother after he died. The one I remember the most was that I was in a very dark place, like a cabin or something, and my brother came out of the darkness with a big smile on his face. He hugged me and said he was alright. I begged him to come back to me and just smiled and hugged me and said he had to go, I felt this incredible warmth from his hug and woke up with this feeling of warmth still there, and of course choked up with tears. This is just one, but the most powerful dream of him I had. (report)
tellme (12/30): Yes (report)
1luckygirl (12/30): I grew up without a father and yearned to meet him. As a child I would meet people and wonder if I was somehow related to them. I went through phases of trying to locate him via phonebook as the Internet boom was still in it's infancy phase. I was 21 in 1992 and going through another desperate phase of trying to find him. One night I had the most vivid, peaceful dream that he and I were sitting in what appeared to be a cloud. White was everywhere. Although he didn't physically speak I could hear his voice in my head. He told me that I shouldn't worry about trying to find him and that he was okay. His voice was so deep and calm. Although I never knew him I knew he loved me. After that dream I didn't attempt, or have a needy feeling to find him. Until about 12 years later.. I did a search on the Internet and found him! As it turns out he passed away in June of 1992 on the 13th! Which is the same day, 7 years later, my son was born! (report)
joebillisi (12/30): My Grandfather died this past thanksgiving. he was a parapalegic and sclerocis of the liver killed him. When i went for the funeral in new jersey i stayed at his an my grandmothers house. well the first night i was there i went out to the car and when i pulled the front door open the door pulled back closed with a force, then i opened the door perfectly fine an while i was outside i had this feeling as if someone was staring me in the face just looking at me, which to me felt like my grandfather looking at how much i changed since he last saw me. Then the day of the funeral my uncle (grandfathers son) was in the bathroom an theres a light in the shower that was on an it went dim for a sec an my uncle looked up an saw a clear as day shadow go towards the door of the bathroom. before my grandfather passed away, on his death bed he told my aunt (grandfathers daughter that it was going to be a beautiful white christmas which they havent had for the last couple years an sure enough it was in jersey. when i was on the way home to florida from new jersey driving thru virginia into north carolina we got a lot of snow. it was night time an very dark out but the trees and grass were lined in white snow an i looked gorgeous, when w stopped that night we went to dennys for dinner an when we left there as we walked out i noticed a 57 chevy bel air on the wall which he has a 57 bel air. it was like he gave us snow since he knew that we wouldnt be able to be there for christmas. an the bel air on the wall was him saying goodbye to us.. i miss him an love him dearly an would do anything to have one more day with him just to hug him an say i love you grandpa (report)
Anonymous (1/25): yesterday my maw maw passed away, im in a different town and i knew she was in heaven before anyone else did, see my wall turned an amazing blue green color and i knew she was ok and taking her last breaths. (report)
svelez78 (1/25): yes after my husband died i went crazy we were young and in love. i was 21 when he died i would see his leather coat float around smell his cologne and things would go missing and reappe. his best friend said he almost slid on ice the morning he died he was blinded by a light the time he died. little things after three yearsi miss him but the song on the radio reminded no matter what he loves me (report)
Laurappaa (2/2): Our souls are Energy, no matter what anyone says Energy CAN NOT be created or destroyed it can only change form, so if something as simple as water, can hold so many forms, than I say the souls of our loved ones are still here with us just in another way, this is what I believe to be true. My grandmother visited me in a dream not long after she died, all it was, was a big hug and a I love you so very much. (report)
slrodrguez (2/5): I can say yes and I know how you feel. I had mine right after my grandfather died where he came to me in a dream surrounded by this extreme white light. bright but not the hurt your eyes bright. I remeber him telling me he will be ok and he started to tell me other things but it got to a point as if someone put on the mute and his lips were moving, but no words. My grandfather came back once I was pregnant but this time he had a little visitor. A small little boy that touched my belly as I lay in the bed. Was pregnant with a daughter at the time and now on my second pregnancy and guess what?! Its a boy. lol (report)
cardenazs69 (2/11): my sister passed away 3 months ago the first sign was the day of her buriel me n my girlfriend of 14 yrs we were having an arguement minutes later during our yelling a plate fell n cracked only it did'nt fall straight down like it should have it flew across room like someone threw it n cracked in a million pieces,we felt it was a sign for us to stop arguing. 2nd sign is my lady left to the store and i was home getting ready to go wen she came back. my lady always has a habit of putting a chair on the door to block it just incase we get a intruder, well i was by myself and had walked by my front door at least 3 times befor i noticed the chair was propped up againsnt the door just like every nite, except this time it was put against it difrently this time,also the spring in the bbottom of the door was kinda pulled to the side.I asked my girlfriend how she did that before getting out the door she swore that she didnt do that there was no way she would have had to climb out the window.it was really strange. i feel she has been watching over us and trying to give us a sign to stop our fighting she always said my girl was my soulmate. is it really her giving me these signs? she had a very strong aura (report)
tonii7 (2/15): My little brother passed away recently and I went to go visit my parents the day after to see how they were doing...:( and my mom had told me that she seen my brother the night before..just standing there smiling at her...and he spelt out words aimen and was trying to give her signs as to what happened to him because they found his body the night before. My dad was sitting there saying my mom was full of crap and that night he heard loud banging like knocking on the side of his bed and he looked and seen my brother standing there. I do believe in my parents but i've yet to experience anything ....but to add to waht my parents seen....as soon as we left the funeral home from saying goodbye to my brother the first song that comes on the radio once we turned the car was stairway to heaven ..its wierd but there are some other things we've noticed too, you just gotta realize what they are...<3 (report)
Anonymous (2/15): my father came to me in my sleep, he was aluminated, it was brief, he told me god is real, heaven is real and I must have faith, I was an athiest. (report)
sterlingr (2/23): yes I want one , but have not had one. My MOther died 12/17/10. She was healthy and strong and went in one month of liver failure. I had a mid-life crisis sept. of same year. It was so bad I started talking to Her about it. About how fast time was going and before I knew it She would be gone, We talked about everything. Finally She told Me to shutup, She wasn't dead yet, and I was going to wish it to happen, It was Her way to make Me stop thinking about it. She said She was going to live a long time yet. Then in 3 months She was gone. She died in My arms, I told Her just before She died that I made it happen. She said no, that She loved Me and WE'd all be together and everything would be allright. I'm 46 never married, always picked the wrong ones, commuted to college. The lonest I have ever been away from Her was in the 6th grade at camp, monday-friday. She went everywhere and did everything with Me. My Dad is alive and wit Me, but it's not the same, We were never close. I'm feel alone. I know it doesn't work that way, but if it was possible She would give Me a sign, but She hasn't. She always believed in heaven, but I was sick all the time growing up, so I never went to church much. I want to believe, but if I don't get a sing soon, I don't think I will ever see Her again, and if that's the case, I do not want to live much longer (report)
sccowgirlup (2/27): I have had a couple things happen that has caught me kinda off guard years ago. I was building a memory page for my mother on angelfire and I had a guestbook for my site. I would get a email if someone signed my guestbook. I got one signed mama from heaven when I clicked on the person to see who they was it did not work it said nobody or any information they were no link for them anymore. I feel like my mother was speaking to me when that book got signed.This also sent chills up my body. Yesterday I was going to my dad's grave and stopped by my mother's old house I found her funeral book in there after 17 years in perfect shape when the whole place was falling in. I was amazed and this made my day but for some reason I ended up there out of the blue and it was was not planned. I have never been back there in 17 years and all of a sudden my daughter ask where it was and I told her I would show her and this happened it is strange how it seems that she is trying to send me a signal or talk to me. I want to know if anyone has ever had to deal with anything like this. thanks (report)
jigikar (2/28): I deeply believe that and I am experiencing every day. (report)
Genieofdreams (3/2): 9 months ago I dreamed I had bought a new home and was showing it to my grandmother ( she has been dead for 12 years) next to her stood my grandfather quiet not saying word just smiling and holding her hand. My grandmother told me that he was with her now and they were both happy and that they could watch everyone form their mountian top that they look down upon us that are on earth .And that everything in my life was going to be ok. Few weeks later he had sx for a pace maker, all went well and now 9 months later he has passed. I went to see him before he died but i could not fly back for the funeral due to the plane ticket costs.He died on a saturday morning, an hour after I got the call I got up went outside and sat there crying and listening to the birds sing. I looked over and little Red cardinal with beautiful feathers on his head landed on my fence and was watching me. I got up walked over ot it, the bird did not move, I stopped 5 feet awawy from him and he came closer to me by landing on a lower branch. I stopped crying long enough to ask him if this was my papa's way of telling me goodbye and he moved his head a little, I looked down , looked back up and the bird was gone. When my grandparents were alive they loved to put out wild bird food in hopes that they would see a cardinal. Never before have I seen a cardinal come into my back yard, It's been almost two weeks since he has passed and I keep watching but I have not seen a cardinal yet. So yes I believe God sends us a message in ways we understand and that comfort us ..the last time I dreamed of grandmother was 7 months after she had died, she came to me ina dream and I told her i was pregnant, she said yes i know and it's a girl.. The thing is i got pregnant 3 months after she died. i was 4 months along when i had the dream, a week later i had and ultrasound and the lady asked me if i wanted to know the sex i said yes, and she typed girl on the screen,5 months later i gave birth to my daughter..:) (report)
stilllovingu (3/10): My fiance passed away here recently. I too had kept asking for a sign to let me know, he was ok. I had traveled to his home town 11 hours away for his service. Upon returning home I noticed a stray dog and paid no mind until the next day, the dog came into my yard and I feared he would attack my dog, but the stray just stood there looking at me and my dog. I noticed the dog had a harness and dog tag on, so I looked to call the owners. The front of the tag had the dogs name in big letters....which was the name of my fiance...."Lance." I shook like crazy holding that tag! I do believe that was my sign. (report)
Alexsmom37 (3/18): My son Alex passed away in October 2005, he was 12 years old. There have been several times that I have heard him, mostly when I am drifting off to sleep. I went to bed extremely late last night, I was worried, I was waiting for results from medical testing (possible cervical cancer) I could not sleep due to stress, I went up to bed at 4am and when I got to bed my husband was awake and talking to me, then I kissed him and said goodnight, laying there I heard someone, I believe to be Alex say "Mom" 2 times, like a child will do when they are sick and need your attention. My husband also heard it and we heard no one coming up our creeky steps, and we opened our bedroom door expecting to see someone, no one was there. So, it was not only me hearing it, but my husband, very interesting, I was not scared because it sounded like my Alex, so I was comforted enough to go to sleep, and my test came back fine. I believe in God, I believe that God allows our loved ones to give signs of there presence to us to help us get through, mostly through the harder times. ((Hugs)) to all of us who have lost, loved and still believe they are around us! (report)
Anonymous (3/22): my passed sister...in the elevator in hospital there was a huge butterfly balloon but my sister never got balloons while she was admitted...week after death balloon appeared my mom grabbed it and has it to this day <3 (report)
collehtyran (3/24): my mother pass away of lung cancer 7 months ago. and i been having dreams of her all the time. one of the dream was that i knock on her apt door and open it, having a smile on her and looking so pretty. i enter the apt and she was walking toward the bathroom.cause that what she do when she b in a rush, i follow her and she was applying her make up and we just chatting away. i look in her bedroom and notice a queen size bed that had a brass headboard and onher bed was a beautiful foral comfort set with matches drapes. andi said to my mother " wow your room i so pretty" and shw turn toward me and smile and said " this is where im at now and she continues on putting on her make up. do you think that she is letting me know that she is in heaven and for me not to worry. carletta/ ft.worth. tx (report)
Soosanah2 (3/25): Yes, I have had signs. First after my dad's passing, like you, I saw a man dressed exactly like my dad. My dad had ash blonde hair going gray. Actually a beautiful color. Like highlights. He was dressed in a chambray blue shirt and khaki pants. My dad's 'uniform'. I drove past but I will always think this was my dad. Then my son passed suddenly. It was tragic,needless to say. Sudden and unwaranted. He died because of a misdiagnosis. He died in his sleep. I woke early in the am, and saw him lying there, I called his name, nothing I pulled the covers down and he was surely gone. Rigor mortis has set in. The emts were called. They could not resusitate him, I knew they couldn't and actually wanted them to stop. In my head, and in my mind's ear and eyes, my precious son said, "HEY MOM! I'm over here!!!!" Here was the staircase. He was alive! Many more, so many more... but for now I will just say this.. believe in signs! (report)
Anonymous (3/25): Even as an Atheist i am not ignorant of the fact that there are things we cannot perceive in the human state. For instance, xrays, gamma rays, infrared etc, but we know they are there. I think death is a passage into the next phase of life, so to speak. Anyway,my step dad, Louie, died 8 days ago. I was very close to him and it's been very hard. Louie had 3 brothers: Kevin, Eric and Randy. Yesterday, i went to a fair that i usually don't go to, but went because i knew Louie loved it. At the booth that airbrushes clothing, they had 3 hats in a row out in front on display, they read: Eric, Kevin and Randy. I know this was Louie's way of telling me that he was ok and that now there was only supposed to be 3 brothers instead of 4 (he is at peace with his death is what i mean by that) and also that in whatever way he could, he is still enjoying the things he did when he was hear with us. I don't believe in hell, heaven, god, jesus or judgement after death. But i do believe our energy lives on in a nonphysical way we aren't capable of comprehanding while "alive". Like i said, i'm atheist, so i don't take things like this lightly. But i know Louie was letting me know he is ok. I just feel it. (report)
Anonymous (3/25): I made the previous post abot Louie and felt this was relevant as well: I also had one more sign back in 2005 when my grandmaw died. I was also very close with her. I sang "On Eagles Wings" at her funeral. Yes, i know i said i am an atheist, but she loved that song, so i did it as a last goodbye to her. Later that day, my fiance and I were at a thrift store looking at furniture. I was sitting on a chair, quietly crying and he was looking at a book shelf. I noticed he cocked his head plucked something from the shelf. He brought to me and said, "is this weird?". It was an empty tape cassette case, on a picture of a dove and written in gold letters were the words, "On Eagles Wings". I think that my grandmaw telling me she had heard me sing her song to her. (report)
cassie (3/26): He was my once in a lifetime love. He passed away three months after we met. I dream of him all the time. Last night my cell phone rang and it was the date of his memorial service. No one answered. When I tried to call back their was nothing. (report)
kelsbels82 (3/27): I believe you did indeed see your father.. When i was 18 i received a phone call saying that my on/off bestfriend/boyfriend since the age of 5 of whom i hadnt seen for a year had had a motorcycle accident and died on his 21st birthday.. 10 years on i managed to track down his mother who came to see me (2days ago).. She began telling me that he worshipped me and that i was his soulmate and that a few weeks before he died he bought me a ring, was coming back for me and then he had lost the ring and was heart broken.. Then he had the accident, a few days after the funeral his mother had to move and as they pulled their sofa out the ring fell out.. Now after 10 years the ring is exactly where it belongs, with me.. I know hes with me always and we will 1 day be reunited so our souls get the chance that we never did.. your father was letting you know hes around For death isnt the end its merely a stepping stone.. (report)
SpecialK (4/1): Im 18 and my father died in 2004. After he died I had a dream that he was playing with me and we were playing around throwing a ball and just runnin and laughing with each other like how we used to do when he was alive. My mom told me when I woke up that i was so happy in my sleep and laughing. I told her about my dream and I think she was a bit jealous. Also, my father was a tall husky man and he alwaysss used to fart making my mom and I annoyed of him. One day when the house was quiet I was in the living room and from his favorite chair in the room by the window a gust of a foul smell came in just like his fart. He used to be so amused at our disgust. I think he was checking in on us. I felt really relaxed once i smelled it oddly and called my mom in so she could smell it too and we sat there and cried. Sometimes when I would be home alone scared i would smell it and know he was there to protect me. This week I had another dream and we were playing around floating laughing and making jokes. Lately i have been feeling like i needed a boyfriend of some sort and in the dream he told me not to stress finding a relationship just have fun and dont rush into being serious. I also got a tattoo of his signature on my wrist and after i got it i felt like he was standing there admiring it with me. (report)
midmostargazer (4/4): My mom was buried 30 days ago today. Before mom passed she used to tell me she'd let me know if she could that she was there after she left. One day during my lunch hour from work I pulled into a restuarant next door to where I am employed at, I was working on tying up loose ends from the funeral my first week back to work. I was running late and drive thru was busy so I parked my car ran in got something to go came out started my car drove next door parked car when I opened my door to exit my car the beeper went off as if my lights were on. I had NOT used my headlights it was a sunny day. Sure enough I look and the knob has been turned all the way to the right no way I could of accidentally did this no way at all. Instantly I knew it was mom. I stoped laid my head back in my seat and laughed I instantly knew it was her telling me she was ok. Since then her photo falls down on the table alot but I cant with 100% assurance say this is mom... the lights in my car that was mom I still laugh when I think of it. (report)
psychic86 (4/10): well i moved back home recently and was sleeping last night and woke up to take these new earings i got that day off as they were irritating...i was half asleep but unscrewed them off and put them on my locker..next day the 3/4 parts were there(fake expander earing) 1 piece was missing..i assumed they were on the floor or under bed or in my bed. having looked 3 times my bro and mother came in to help me, i took one piece of the 3 there out of my locker to show them what they looked like and left it on my locker..after searching lots of times in my locker from the other part i decided to look again. lorn behod 3 pieces were in the locker...PLUS THE ONE I TOOK OUT? which means a ghost put the missing piece back in after taking it..this is after 4 bad nights sleep where i woke up scared a few times..i believe it was my nana who i cryed over 2 weeks ago and told her i would give my life to her if i knew she would be ok in the after life..2 mins later i had a very bad nose bleed which i tot i wud die and had to go to A and E..it happened again next day and got my nose cauterised twice... needless to say i took back what i said.... (report)
snick (4/14): My mom and I were and still are very close. When I returned home from a 12 hour drive the moment I put my truck in park my cell phone rang with a call from mom. It was complete silence and the call ended when I said I will be ok I know your calling because you are worried and I love you. Mom left bobby pins everywhere. On my 40th birth day about 2 weeks after she passed I was so upset she didn't get to see me turn 40 I found 2 bobby pins under my clothes on a counter. Another time I was upset missing her then a calm came over me. I went to wash my face I reached for the towel to dry my face. A transparent slightly smoky hand appeared to about halfway up the arm. It looked as if it were a glove filled with smoke a little smaller than moms hand in real life. This hand made a motion like only my mom made in a gesture when she was explaining something she would roll her hand over and extend it out almost like Vanna White turns letters. This hand made this gesture and reached out as if to pick up a battery from the charger. Then it disappeared. I have NO DOUBT IN MY MIND IN THE AFTER LIFE. Mom never lied to me and she knew I wouldn't go on unless she let me know she was alright. It's still hard I miss her so much. But I still continue to get signs just not as often as I'd like. I know some skeptical people out there will have some negative things to say but until it happens to you. You have no idea what you are talking about. (report)
Anonymous (4/16): I had the exact same sign as you did. I saw a man that looked like my Dad from a distance and when I looked for him after he walked passed trees and large bushes, he was gone. (report)
LezboLexi (4/20): Me and my up stairs neighbor have been neighbor's for 30 years she's a drunken wreck, as I got older and started finding myself, she got older and more towards her drinking and got really verbally abusive, calling me names and what not. 3 years ago she decided she wasn't staying here anymore she just paid the rent here. Few months back I found out she has cancer and only 6 months to live, "sober" couple nights ago, I had a dream about her and she was in my back hall way when I opened my back door, she came over to me and gave me a "hug" witch is weird and I remember telling her how I hated her drinking. That was the end of the dream. When I woke up in the morning I told my mother about it, and she said it was strange, her ex husband has been staying in her apartment and he had told my mom that she had passed away early that morning. I just find it strange that's all... Cuz I didn't really like her idk why she was in my dreams was it to try and make peace? Or .... (report)
Classix (5/2): Yes I have had several signs. My father came to me two years after he passed away to say goodbye. And today, I had a " phone call" in a dream and we chatted about my children. He actually asked me to do something specific. When I woke up I knew it was him, I heard his voice. It was strange and so out of the blue.. But not scary at all xx (report)
Sgal85 (5/2): My grandpa died over a year ago. He spoiled me with love and kindness when I was very young. Before he passed I was 6 months pregnant. Just a few nights ago I had a dream I was getting ready, I was looking for the perfect dress and I was in a rush. Then I ran into a big room where my grandpa was standing in the middle. We began to dance and then we sat down and he was asking me about my family and my son he didn't get to meet and asked if I planned on having more. Then I remember him smiling and telling me he had to go and I was begging him not to go and telling him how much I loved him but he told me he had to. Then I woke up. I didn't get to tell my grandpa goodbye before he passed away but I feel like this was a bit of closure and it was deeper. I cry just thinking about it. I usually can't remember details of a dream bur I remember every part of this one. (report)
NEIL1987 (5/5): yes, my dog died exactly a week ago, and today we found his dog tag that he lost around 5 years ago, this could be nothing, but the thing is is that i asked for a sign and my dad did too.i had metal detected where it was found so much before and never found anything, the tag was just layng there where he used to walk (report)
g4obb (5/16): I live in Oxford UK. When my mother died in 2000 I was called from my work to the local Hospital where she had been admitted 5 days earlier with a CVA. I heard her voice so clearly..she told me that she was dying , and the she was entering a transition period ; but the overwhelming message that she wanted me to understand was that there was ABSOLUTELY nothing to fear in dying...I have had many conversations with her since , and she often indicates certain things that are happening ( or may happen soon) in my life , and guess what.. she in NEVER wrong..how does one explain this?? Des Oxford (report)
panseybarb (5/23): One day as I sat on my computer, I heard a faint sound. It sounded like someone had whispered "sis". I look up because I was home alone and kinda of looked around. I quickly dismissed it and as suddenly as I had, I heard it again, Sis, then again, Sis! I had lost a son a few yrs. earlier, so I smiled and said out loud; Terry is that you, thinking as I said it that it was strange he would be calling me Sis! I didn't hear it again. Two days later I received a phone call that my brother had passed away on that very day and that he laid in his bed dead for three days before he was found. This is an honest to goodness true story. I KNOW that when we die that there is something more than nothingness! (report)
newfanci (5/23): my father died and my sister and i kept seeing flocks of robins in my yard and places where we took my dog for a walk. It was so strange. It was just in my yard and trees, not the neighbours. I approached a girl at school who i was told is a medium and told her my dad died. She didn't know me or anything about me and she started talking and said that he told her to tell me that he is with me and that i will know and to watch out for robins doing strange things. then she said, no, i won't have to watch, that i would know. I'm sure that was our dad's way of telling us he is ok. She also said that he'd be pinching my toes at night. That is something we did and when he was sick i kept pulling and pinching his toes in the hospital (report)
Lynne7 (6/8): My boyfriend passed away one month ago. He use to love to sing and would sing the song "Somewhere" and say that was "our" song. He would dedicate it to me when he would sing it at Karoake. Two weeks after he passed I was crying and asked him for a sign that he was ok and that he really loved me. That night I went out to dinner with family and I didn't realize that the restaurant I picked had entertainment. No sooner did I sit down that the singer sang the sone "Somewhere". That is not a song you hear often and I knew that was a sign from him letting me know that he is ok and that he really loved me. (report)
mamasgirl (6/16): My Mom just passed about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I kept asking her for signs. She died on a Sunday. On Tuesday early in the morning I went to the grocery store. Overhead a song was playing that reminded me of a certain song that always has made me think of her. In less then 30 seconds, the song playing ended and the song it reminded me of came on. I couldn't believe that out of all the thousands of songs in the world, that one particular song came on. My Mom loved to garden and there was a cardinal (whom she named Red) that would hang around her as she gardened. For years, there was always a cardinal who made her garden his home. Just a few days after she passed, we were by my brother's house in their yard and my sister in law asked my sister and I if we had received any signs we beleive are from Mom and my sister and I began to tell her how we suddenly each keep seeing cardinals in our yards. Never had I noticed any cardinals in 3 years of living here and suddenly everytime I go on the back porch I see a cardinal in the branch pretty close by just hanging out. My sister just bought her house less then a year ago, so this will be her 1st summer with this yard, but she has a cardinal each time she looks out or goes out to her yard. We were only beginning to explain these cardinals to our sister in law when, out of the blue, a cardinal showed up on the wire right near us and just landed and sat as if wanting to hear the conversation. We watched him as we talked and he flew away after a few moments. I know Mom sent him to say "See, I am still with you guys." (report)
upthedubliners (6/19): my da diad 12 march 2011 of cancer he was 53, weeks b4 he was told he had cancer i told him i had a dream of the a few weeks past and my da got really sick and he was in and out of hospital all the time 4 about a year. and then one day he had a heart attack and i saved his life, and that was the only time i was at his house in weeks. he told that his mother my ;;grandmother'' sent me to him to save his life that night, shes died also. so he was told he has to have heart sugary, then more weeks past, and one were walking down a street and he past out,he want to hospital and he was there for few days, and then was told he had terminal cancer, and they cant do nothing for him, 4 weeks later he died. but the day b4 died he told me that he will came back to me. he said be happy, Stephen don't be sad, i will be with god tonight. then he past away. so that night i was so sad i didn't want to live anymore i wanted to be with him. so that night i was sitting at the end of my bed in the dark crying, and then i felt a really gold feeling on my face it was like ice. then on my hands, so i jumped up the and turned on the lights and looked around the room. the feeling was gone, but then it came back again but this time it was much stronger and i felt a vibration all around my hands and chest and then the lights started to flicker and then my body started to shake really bad. this keep gone on for about 3 hours and my watch stopped working. then i said, is you da, then i got this shock in my leg, every time i asked him something i got a shock. and then i new that was him, it was the best feeling i every had in my life. i don't no if anyone had the same thing i had me you did tell about it. you can email me at smacnn0044@yahoo.co.uk. thanks. (report)
NataWells (6/23): I was sitting in my old livingroom and i turned to my livingroom door, there was my dead granmother, she told me everything was ok and not to worry. it was strange my mum was sitting next to me in the dream but she didnt even look at my gran, she didnt even realise (report)
JulieZ (6/23): My brother passed away a yr ago. Ever since he passed away I've had 4 dreams with him telling me things are fine and he is ok. Last night I dreamt he took me away from a previous dream I was having and brought me to our parents' house. He told me he was okay, just misses us a lot. He told me he has been protecting the building we used to live at(our parents' building) and that he stopped a bad guy from killing someone by going into the bad guy's body. He looked like he was going to cry, but told me its cause he really does miss everyone. I told him not to cry or worry cause we r all ok, we love him and miss him also. While telling my parents this, they told me that 2 weeks ago infront of our building, our neighbor was mugged by gun point. The mugger didn't do anything, he just walked away a min. Later. To me it doesn't matter if u believe his or not, to me I know my brother is watching over our family. I love him n miss him lots. (report)
Anonymous (6/24): About 3 months after my beloved grandma passed, i was on a fairly crowded train and just started thinking of her and getting upset-a breeze from an open window let in a butterfly, it flew around me, only me a few times and flew back out the window, it was so lovely. (report)
Anonymous (6/27): I had a very close cousin pass. She was the first death in my life. I was heart broken until one night. I had a dream and it was my cousin. She was just standing in front of me. Her hair flowed she glowed and smiled at me. We exchanges no words but since that dream I no longer feel sad. Thought I would share (report)
Anonymous (6/28): When my husband died, I didn't know if I was doing the right thing in selling property we owned. I asked him to give me a sign if I was doing the right thing. I asked him to give me a special sequence of numbers that meant something special to us as a sign. For weeks I looked everywhere for that series of numbers, I did not see them and decided to make the decision on my own, on the day I made the sale, I glanced down at the new owners license plate and there were the special numbers. I felt he was telling me I did good and would be able to make decisions on my own. I was going to be ok, and he was still looking over me if I needed him. (report)
delemonte (7/8): Three years after my mom had died, the very day, I was taking g the trolley to school when a woman sat next to me. I couldn't stop staring at her because she looked exactly like her. It is not the same as seeing a ghost but left me dumbstruck for a while. (report)
bellas_smile (7/12): My dearest friend committed suicide just 2 weeks ago. He and I grew very close in the last few months. We went to the same High school and reconnected through our 25th year reunion. His wife left him a few months ago and he was really struggling with it as well as a life long history of depression. We lived in two different states and I was working a lot, I failed to check on him for nearly a month. I woke up one morning at 3 am because someone was standing over me, pressed against me as I was sleeping on my right side. I thought it was my room mate, when I opened my eyes no one was there. I was startled. The presence went away shortly after I awoke. I told my room mate around 5 am about it. One day later, my best friend texted me that Scott took his own life late Sunday night, early Monday morning. Immediately I knew it was him that came to say good bye. I had worked with him intensely for months, we told each other "i love you" as a friend love. He was my encourager, I was his. We teased about how he had a major crush on me in high school. I saw a psychic a few months ago who told me "the bald guy loves you". I had no clue who he was talking about. Scott was bald. I will continue to struggle with guilt because i feel I could have done more for him. However, he came to me after he died, I have to believe he was comforting me before I found out. Also, my best friend texted me a scripture verse of comfort and another text from her phone came one minute later and it just had a capital "S". This is how Scott would sign off on some of his emails or chats with me. I asked her about it, she swears she did not send it. Scott lets me know he is with me. He is in my dreams every night. I would have never believed in this stuff before. (report)
Anonymous (7/25): A baby bird had fell from it's nest and my grandmother found it while tending to her plants. She hand fed it and raised in her home. It would follow her from room to room and flew back and forth between her and my grandfather. The bird lived many years until passing one day. Years later my grandpa fell ill and died. My grandma was depressed and sick, then one day as I returned home she called out to me, that she had to share some thing with me. A Mockingbird like the one she'd raised had landed at window seal and made sounds like only her bird had made. It pecked at the window every day and when she was in the yard it came to her and flew and sang in ways never seen. I to saw this and I knew at that moment it was grandpa visiting and making my grandma happy in another way. Recently I lost grandma to vascular damensia I spent every day of my life with her and she was my second mom. When I go to the house a mockingbird fly's down from out of the sky singing and twisting and turning like no bird does. I live with my wife and two kid's on the other side of town from my childhood home,and during the time she passed away and now I can go to my back yard and a mockingbird just comes out of nowhere. It seems that this happens when I'm in need of some visit or sign that she does and he,hears my prayer's and see's my tears even though it's so hard and at times feels like there's no one listening God send's the one thing sure to get my eye's on him. (report)
dbruce (7/26): yes my youngest son told me he was alright (report)
alwayslooking (7/27): my chap was v close i had a strong smell of camphor which i dont use he always wanted me to get mothballs for his holey jumpers he was saying well heres the mothballs it was on my clean washing other signs many touches (report)
lola (7/28): I dreamed last night that my deceased, stepfather was and an angel, big puff of white smoke and he appeared to me with a great big smile and gave me a big hug! there was no words no sound just him smiling and the hug & poof white smoke again and he was gone! i woke up happy, it all felt so real, then hours went by remembering the dream i had and just cried bc i miss him so much :( (report)
Smmsdj (8/6): Liver Cancer killed my Dad.(I'm still a little bitter) After he died, some of my family members were talking about receiving some kind of sign from different people who had died and I decided that I wanted a sign ...I needed a sign... How am I supposted to go on with out you Dad?! If only I knew he's ok and still somehow with me. I thought maybe I'd see a special dragonfly or something.. but it didn't happen like that. I kept telling everyone "I want a sign,I'm waiting for a sign" Back tracking a bit... The day before he died, he was brought to the hospital.I am 1 of 6 kids and we didn't say I love you alot, we knew we did but we didn't say it... well I rushed to his side and told him "I love you Dad!" He was to sick to say it back but once again I knew... Well fast forward , back to "my sign". After he died I went to my sisters cottage, I was so sad that my Dad was dead and also sad I hadn't see a sign, I went to bed early. The next morning my sister and I were drinking coffee, looking out the patio doors and there it was!!!! My sign!! On the ground was a rock with a heart in it. I even tried washing it off thinking it was just dirt but nope its an amazing sign from my dad telling me he loves me. Also if you find a dime its a sign, someone is thinking about you. The year he died I found just over $10 in dimes. (report)
whitebird (8/10): yes my only sister passed away last year on aug 16 when she was sick she was so worried about her sons wedding. it was her younger son my nephew and the first of her two sons to be married. she was very fond of his bride to be and loved her like a daughter, she wanted the wedding to be perfect for them and was worried he would not have the money for a grand wedding that her and her husband had 45 years earlier. The day of the wedding was beautiful it was this past week august 6, the sun was shining, warm but not hot and a beautiful breeze. i felt her presence all day long. The wedding was outside on a beautiful stone bridge with all the guests in seats looking on the grounds of a beautiful country club. Everyone was very emotional when the bride walked out and the vows they said were beautiful and my sister was mentioned in honor. when they were pronounced husband and wife out of nowhere there appeared this random white bird it flew down over their heads and by the guests. I knew it was my sister up there giving her blessing and then it flew away. a few people saw it. my 88 year old mother and my cousin sitting next to me. We were there with her when she passed, i had the most beautiful feeling come over me. so peaceful and i knew she was telling all of us how happy she was at this beautiful wedding. (report)
kaykay (8/14): this is 2011 and my brother died in 1982 and the past 3 nights i have this dream where i am driving down the road and hear " psst..." and i look at the passenger seat and my brother is there and he doesnt speak he just shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head and then i wake up, any help with this meaning. i wake up with goose bumps. (report)
metrolink (8/15): after my dad died, my sister and I felt a hand on our shoulders, as if to say everything is fine now. Also when I closed my eyes I saw the most beautiful garden and my dad, as a small boy waving at me. (report)
Heaterzhere (8/15): My grandma Betty had a somewhat large family. She raised 8 kids almost entirely by herself. After raising those kids she helped in turn raised most of her grandchildren as well. To say the least shr was a woman who had some fire under her hood even through her sixties. A week after she had died, I came home and the trip, circumstances, and stress had had me under the weather so I went to the doctor. Setting in the waiting room with only one other person there with me a woman of middle age, I did not know. It was quiet and unusually unbusy. All of a sudden over the loudspeaker they use to call you back into the rooms, came a name BETTY J. (her name exactly) Of course I whipped around to see who shared names with my grandma. Having waited for a good while to see someone come up and claim the name no one ever did. Even stranger still no nurses ever came out to find the person in question as I have seen them do before when someone doesnt come eight away to being called back. I live in a very small town and in living here I have never run into anyone else with her name. It doesnt really prove there are ghosts I guess, bit it struck me as very odd that it happened while I was there and just after my grandma had passed. (report)
Delta (8/15): My mother died on the 1st of June 2009 after that I had dreamt a number of times of us hugging and she seems to be very happy with me. Last month July 21st 2011 my father died and I dreamt of us hugging and he was very happy with me. can you unveil the meaning of these dreams (report)
bkay91 (8/18): my cat just recently passed away someone ran him over and just kept going never appologized and its so hard to live life with out him everyone loved him and he loved everyone he did not deserve this he was only 10 months old and very happy i actually seen him after he passed away he was running up to me and i bent down to pick him up and he was gone and i realized hes not here anymore i had forgotten that he was gone and i broke down into tears it felt so real i miss him so much and so does his brother and my boyfriend he was like my kid i love him (report)
Alynn68 (8/21): My best friends brother died in a house fire and I had a dream that he came to me and told me to tell everyone he was ok. Whether this was just a dream or a real message I'll never know,but it did give hope that he was ok. (report)
hawaiianbull (8/26): i'm not certai but i do feel a presence of someone being with me.i even smell what i beliee was her lipstick. (report)
Anonymous (8/30): When my Grandma died I was working away, I woke up and couldn't see because of a bright light. Rubbing my eyes I opened them and looked to see if it was time to get up! At this time I thought of Gran. Later that day I called my parents and wanted to ask how Gran was but didn?t. I still had a couple of days working away but when I left for home I somehow knew I should be expecting some news about Gran. When I arrived back to my house I was greeted by my parents and my sister and was given the news that Gran had passed away. By now it was Wednesday and Gran passed away on the Monday, the morning I woke up early to a blinding light, the time I woke up was the same time as Gran passed away. While I had been working away no one had said anything to me about Gran but somehow I knew. My other Gran died some 12 years earlier, my parents received the call to get to the hospital as quickly as they could. I walked round to work to say I probably wasn't going to be in in the morning. While I was walking back home I felt that Gran wasn't suffering anymore and she was at peace, this was about the same time my Gran passed away for some reason I had looked at my watch. This year we lost my father very suddenly, half hour before he was found in his car having suffered a heart attack I was cooking a late night snack for my son and myself and thought this is just like Dad would do for us when we were kids, just at that moment I felt a pain in my chest again I remember looking at the clock on the wall in the kitchen. About an hour later I had a call from my sister to say Dad had been found in his car and had been taken into hospital. Straight away I got into my car and started the 150 mile journey from where I live to the hospital. About an hour into the journey I knew Dad had gone and about 10 minutes after I received a phone call from my sister to confirm it. My father showed me how to be a descent honest person he led by example and I thank him for everything he ever did for me. (report)
zoetrickett (8/31): yes i dreamed being at my nans house after she had died.i asked her where a ring was she didnt answer but took me to her room and showed me a braclet, i woke up rang my mum and told her where the braclet was and what it looked like. it was there in the back of the draw just like she had showed me in my dream. i had never seent his braclet before and me and my mum where in shock from what happend. but it made me know my nan is there if i ever need her x x x (report)
ataggart (9/1): My uncle passed away 6 months ago and I was always close to him. It was hard. Ever since the day he passed, I have been wanting to have a sign to know that he is alright. Two nights ago I was going through pictures that were on his poster board we made at his funeral and I was taking some off and putting them in my room of me and him on my dresser. A night after that(last night) I had a dream that I actually remembered and it was me and him sitting on my grandmothers bottom step in her home (my current home) and he game me a hug and a I cried and I told him I missed him and wish things were different. and he said everything will be ok now I am alright. I love you and hugged me and that was it. but all i could see in this dream was me, him and a pair of white tube socks I was rolling up, but nothing else..I knew where we were sitting but I couldn't see anything surrounding us. It was grewat and I hope I have more dreams like that. (report)
numb32 (9/1): I met someone a couple months ago, I really liked him and was very attracted to him. We hit it off but things didn't work out because of a misunderstanding. I was really sad. I didn't hear from him for about two months and then randomly he texted me to hang out. I willingly went and we had a amazing time. However afterwards I felt that I couldn't fall back into this cycle again and I blocked his number. It was awful thing to do however I look back and I know we ended on good terms because when I last saw him we were both happy. He passed away three days later. I will never know if he tried to contact me or say something. I will wonder forever. I have to believe that he is out there smiling down on me and knows how much I need him to forgive me and I know he does. I hope he sees all of this and knows how much I really did care and love him. I just knew I wouldn't be abel to resist his love at this point in my life. I will miss him and regret my choices forever. I have always known that you never know when your last day is..but I have never felt this quote and it has changed everything for me and how i look at everything in my life. I feel so guilty but i also feel him all around me, smiling and I am grateful and thankful I got one last chance to see him. and although there were those that he loved more than me and those that he knew more deeply, I will never forget the lesson this has taught me and how he has waken me up from a life i was living blindly. I am still looking for signs but I know they will come. (report)
Anonymous (9/4): My mom died 5 months ago. She was in hospice the last 8 days. After day 4, I asked God to give me peace and please show me a sign that my mother was with him. Several hours later, two mourning doves showed outside my mother's window and began building a nest in a pine tree about a foot from the window. They worked for 3 days at that nest while we watched and waited. The morning my mother died, I had left the room for awhile. The nurse found me and told me the Chaplain just said a blessing over my mother and she took her last breath. I walked back into the room and sitting in the window was the mourning dove. No longer nesting, but rather sitting contently looking in the window at me. Now I hear birds every morning when I take a walk. My mother is at peace and she's looking out for me. I have no doubt in my mind. (report)
tansi (9/5): Tansi(9/60) My mother had passed away a year before and I had a constant need for a sign from God , that she was OK.I prayed and pleaded. Please show me a sign!! That night I clearly watched a meteor cross the sky, not the quick flash,but a slow very large object that was not an airplane or UFO, but a meteor that to me was the sign that I needed. It gave me the peace that I needed to go on with my life! Thank you Jesus. (report)
assunta (9/9): yes i have my daughter died on the 6 of may 2010 and i have had the tv swiching on , the lights fliking and the lovely smells and once i had the phone ringing and the number was non exestent the think is when i looked at the number it was her birth date with the numbers of my age when she was born. Suddenly the last time i have had knowledge of her was one morning i could smell coffe under my nose in my bed as if to say mum get up i brought you coffe. I miss her terrebly (report)
Anonymous (9/14): One week after my mother died in 2002 a butterfly landed on my arm on a busy city street. Only time a butterfly has ever landed on me in my life. I was then 57. (report)
afterlife (9/15): my grandmother passed away.I was woken up by a multi colored morb and was told everything was ok by her voice. It freaked me out at first but then realized it was my grandmother letting me know there was a afterlife and she was at peace. (report)
Anonymous (9/17): i saw my deceased mom 5 days before my brother was found dead. mom appeared young and happy, with her first born son, as a child. that was the first time i ever saw a dead person. i have had several visions, some of which saved my life.i worried about my brother after he died, until, one night, i saw him staring at me. no expression on his face. he faded away. (report)
Comforted (9/18): My mother passed in the early morning. That night I went to bed and I was crying and I felt a sense of peace come over me and I felt like her spirit moved right through me from head to toe. In my mind as if I were praying I asked her if she was okay. I heard her whisper a slow yes. It was strangely comforting to me. I will never forget that feeling and hearing her whisper which seemed so close yet far away. (report)
Arcee (9/18): Yes, I just did. Today is my father's 40th day after his death. I had a dream just yesterday that I was with him buying some shoes but it was so big I had to go back to the shop, apprently when I went back where I left him he was not there anymore and I started calling for him. But all I heard was just his voice saying "I am already up here, I can not go back anymore there" I guess it was his way of saying he's heaven bound. Prior to that a week after his death, I was really sad and I cried out loud if he could tell me he is fine wherever he was, he showed up in my dreams sitting on a chair from a distance smiling at me, didn't say a word but he looked young and happy. So they do communicate. (report)
elfninja (9/20): my kitten (5 months old) had just died yesterday morning and i have had her since she was 1 week old. She saw me as the mommy cat. Always went with me places and followed me around. Well she was attacked yesterday and didnt make it. One of the hardest things i have gone through. And early this morning i had a dream that she came to me at the edge of my bed like she always did and she put her paws up and let me know she was ok. It was weird because it was her spirit but i could feel her. (report)
yaya (9/22): One morning after exercising (PT) for the Army I went to place something in the trunk and I overheard music...I assumed it was the car next to me being loud and shook my head...then as I leaned in to my trunk, I realized it was my car. The doors were locked and the car was off. The first thing I thought was oh great, my battery is going to be dead! The car started fine. I called my husband to tell him his car was officially crazy. A couple hours later I found him at home. He had a fatal heart attack while getting ready for work. It happened about 20-30 minutes before I had gotten in my car. It had never happened before and has not happened since. I guess that was his goodbye. (report)
Sailaway (9/26): A friend of mine died in 1984 and a few days later she came to me and said "Love other people more than you do now, I didn't do it enough" I could feel her just like I feel these keys as I type. My mother came to me 2011 a year and a half after her death she said " I didn;t realize how much I loved you". Both of these I feel ARE in heaven but had a message I needed to hear. When my dad appeared to me it scared me so I said "In Jesus' name leave" I did this three times and when I opened my eyes it was gone. I am a Minister and unless it happens to me I usually do not believe it. All I know is I have encountered things like this most of my life. (report)
snowY (9/28): I never believed in signs from the "otherside", but since my friend passed he is really going out of his way to make his presence felt. The day before he died he told me to come to the hospital as he would not be around the following day. I unfortunately could not make it but spoke to him the next day at 13H00, he passed on at 13.30. I cried so much and that same night while driving the car infront of him had "his" nickname as a registration, the following day a billboard had his name displayed so big i could not miss it. He knew he wanted to let me know in that manner that he was around.i speak his name out aloud in the house when no one is around like im having a conversation and many times at that specific time the radio would play a song that relates to us. I so believe he is constantly around me.He was a soccer player, and since his passing my son changed his soccer jersey to No 12, the jersey my friend wore, and whether it is a coincidence or not but my son has been scoring spectacular goals in his last 3 games. I just smile because it is like confirmation to who really contributed to the goals if you understand what i mean.I miss my friend terrible and the fact that all the signs are so well displayed i feel comfort in knowing that he is around and protecting us. (report)
Puddleduck (9/28): Recently I have been going through a really rough time, my Grandfather keeps reappearing in my dreams and he is very much in this present day, I sometimes an taken back to the last time I saw him which is very upsetting but I think that its his way of letting me he's watching me. My other dream was two days before my cousin lost one of her triplets. It showed my dead aunt(her Mother), our grandfather and our uncle around her beside and she was handing them a newborn child. When I heard this I was so taken back that I never mentioned it to anyone but my father another way of letting me know they are still there (report)
Anonymous (9/29): After my son died I was laying on the couch sleeping where he use to always lay I felt him hug me real tight around my waist I felt him touch my fore head it was a very cold sensation that lasted about two hours yes I'm definitely a believer (report)
Anonymous (9/29): My dad passed away last night, I was with him, and right before he passed,I told him to give me a sign that he was in heaven. I told him to show me a rainbow so that I would know he was alright. The next day almost near the time he passed a beautiful rainbow appeared. I believe it was him letting me know he was okay. (report)
JessieGray (9/30): Last night I had a dream of my Bestfriend Dillon Trull Early he just passed away a few days ago I had a dream we were in a very nice hotel and he was there we hung out the whole time and it was just so real i asked him if he missed it here and i cant remeber what he said but i do remeber me asking him how he felt about it he said its over with i wish everyone would get over it and i mean it was soo real we just hung out and i even told him i gave my bestfriend mikey a note to put in his casket he said i never got it and the wierd thing is mikey couldnt make it to his funeral is this a sign that it was actually him? i mean i went to the viewing but i live two hours away so i couldnt make it to the funeral the casket was closed and everything so i couldnt put it in there idk i just cant get this off my head.. (report)
Anonymous (10/1): Yes, my 9 yr old son passed away September 14, 2011. Hisfuneral was on the 20th and there were 3 rainbows in the sky. I wish I knew exactly what they meant. Alicia (report)
lolo_apo (10/3): When my grandfather died, I had a dream of him that night I was in his house, he was going to my grandmother's room, he had worn my school IDs and I hugged him, he hugged me back, and he kissed my head, then I woke up crying,it was so real. Then during the second night of the wake, I was going to sleep inside the memorial chapel, since there is no bed, I slept on the wood bench, so I took out everything in my pockets. When morning came, I was wondering what was inside my pants pocket since I took everything out, then when I took it out, it was his handkerchief, I put it inside his coffin. (report)
brnpereida (10/3): yes! My boyfriend who was my best friend died 09/10/11 and i have been struggling to except that. We spent alot of time together but i have been asking him to give me a sign he is ok that he still loves me. exactly 2 weeks after he died I heard an owl whooo hooing. The crazy part about the owl is because a year and a half prior i lost my 4 month old baby girl and a few days after she died I heard an owl not the same owl cause i eventually moved but I did hear it.Then on September 30th my divorce was final and my ex husband wanted to sign his rights away I left the court house crying wishing I could talk to My boyfriend that just pasted away I had to walk to where I was going, I was walking to an A.A meeting to pick up my 1 year chip for sobriety and all the way there a black and yellow butterfly followed me. I know a yellow butterfly represents Love but between me and my man I would always tell him black and yellow!(it's a T.I song) meaning I love u! so I know he is constantly giving me signs and now that I am aware, the grieving process is a little less painful cause I talk with him and obviously he don't talk back but.... I know now there is life after death! and LOVE never dies (report)
cathy2925seba (10/4): Yes. My Loving Husband passed away in August 29 2011, when he was Alive he use to tell me that when he dies he will be around me all the time, & he would take care of me,now after he passed away i find buses to travel to my office & back home very easily & very soon I hardly wait for it for a long time, as it was before when he was alive. I miss him every second of my life. he was a very wonderful person, caring. Waiting to be called back to him @ the ealiest. I Love U Miss U Baatin. (report)
sas (10/4): HI yes my mum passed over when i was 2. half, she was twenty one. Tragically from trying to save my brothers my mum was burnt horrifically and had 90% burns which caused her death, same with my brothers, i too was burnt in the fire but survived by jumping out a window. From that day i have always wanted a connection from my mum to tell me there ok, nothing ever happened till i was 20years old. Firstly i woke up in the middle of the night bout 3oclock, i sat up and i immediatly saw a big flash of light in the corner of my room, it was so bright my eyes had to refocus. I never thought of it as anything of it with being half asleep. Nothing happened again until i moved out of my parents house and into my first house with m partner. The second night of having moved in i woke up again at three oclock in the morning because i checked my phone for the time and thought its not morning yet why have i woke up. I was just registering my brain from being in a nice sleep and then this sweet flowery smell filled the room, i woke my partner up and said can you smell the flowery smell and he said NO. Which i didnt understand as it was very strong, then it disappeared as quick as it came, leaving not even a hint of the smell. At this point i didnt turn a blind eye and for some reason i KNEW it was my mum pleased for me to have a new house and a great partner to go with it. A couple of months passed then i started getting really strange feelings just before i was going to bed, i started to see white little lights just going slowely across the bedroom, this happens nearly every night now, it was very blood chilling at first, but im used to the lights now. The latest goings on are completely frightening ,first i sense like i know its going to happen an it does. Now i actually know when spirit actually are standing right next to me, i dont see spirit in human form ,only lights and i often get touched on m shoulder blade by my mum.When i sense things i get really bad headaches to (report)
ldmstewart (10/6): My dad died unexpectedly in February. I have a picture of an angel hanging in my bathroom. I noticed the clouds around this picture and it looks just like my dad and he is with either his mom or his only living sister. I do believe it's a sign he's in Heaven. I've even seen his face staring back at me in my rear view mirror once. I've had someone tap me on my feet right after he died one night as I was sleeping. I swear I felt it. I pray to God to allow me to see him quite often. I look for him everywhere I go. (report)
Pbadillo10 (10/6): Yes i have. My Two friends Just Passed away on July 25,2011 One of them who i was Very close with and grew up with, it was two months after his death that he came to me and smiled and said, "Watch Him" meaning to watch his little brother. His little brother has been getting closer too me since the passing of his Older Brother. So yea i have had a sign from someone who passed away. (report)
Parker0303 (10/11): My mother passed away a very long time ago from cancer. She was the the kindest, best mother any person could ever dream of. She died at the age of 54,barely getting the 4 of us raised. I know that she was worried about how my two brothers would be & talked to our dad to watch over them. She told me that she was not worried about me or my sister because I had a good husband & she knew we would look after my sister. (I was 24 & my sister 22) About 3 months after she had died I dreamed that I was with her & she looked so beautiful and the whole dream she just kept telling me that she was fine & she was no longer in pain and not to worry about her. The dream was so real that when I woke up I thought she was alive , only to realize it was a dream & she had died & it made me cry really hard until my sister called me & told me that she had dreamed of our mother (my sister was also crying very hard telling me this dream) the night before (the same night as me) The she proceeded to tell me - my exact dream, that our mother looked so beautiful and was not in pain and not to worrry about her. To this day I beleive that our mother came to us in our dream to comfort us about her departure & from that day on I knew that my mom ws OK. Katie (report)
addyrule (10/12): My sister died in June od this year from cancer. I did not want to see her suffer so I stayed away and felf very guilty. I was there on the last day to say good-bye though. I was standing in the shop the other day and looked toward my boyfriends car and saw her sitting next to him looking at me. At first I thought i was going mad and looked again and saw her there again - what does this mean. I dont normally see spirits but i can feel them (report)
Josie (10/15): More than 18 years ago now, I remember clearly how my mom's music box would start to play everytime I walked into the room where she passed. Coincidental??? I don't think so! (report)
Mymonkeyisaangle (10/18): Yes I lost my two month old son five months ago. First we seen a wild eagle fly about our house then our outside light keep going off and on then their for Awhile I would stay outside at night for a while and ever night I stay out I will see a falling star (report)
goldendreams64 (10/18): As my father lay in his bed dying, i was sitting beside his bed. His tv was on but no volume. A beam of light appeared above his head and at the same time was the sound of wind chimes. I was by myself in the room and i looked back at the tv to see if there was a reflection or something. No reflection-when i looked again it was gone. I told my family about this a couple of weeks after his passing and they looked at me like i was crazy. I know what i saw-A SIGN FROM HEAVEN (report)
JLCsWifey (10/19): My father committed suicide 10 months ago back in December. I had my friend stay the night with me and i rolled over in the middle of the night to see a 6 ft 1 silhouette in the corner of my room shaped just like my dad. I turned and asked my friend to look in the corner and she said she seen it too. when I turned i seen him outside my bedroom window looking in at me. A couple weeks after I had a dream that he had knocked on the door and i let him in and hugged him. It seemed so real. He was wearing his blue short sleeved turtle neck and blue jeans and his work boots. He looked normal. He tried to tell me he died in a car accident but he didn't. Before I woke up he hugged me and told me "I love you and you will always be my little Rae of sunshine." To this day i believe he was trying to say good-bye and comfort me after his tragic death. - Maddi Rae Jeakle (report)
Anonymous (10/20): Im in my work and things arenet great at the moment, my mums first ear anniversary adn birthday have just passed, also my first birthday without her. I can smell "her smell" very strongly and shivers all over. I hope this is her way of letting me know everything will be ok (report)
Cruisebaby (10/22): My dog and love of my life had to be put down because of heart failure. On the way home last night from the emergency vet hospital I saw a huge falling star right in front of us on the highway. It made me smile because I knew he was fine. Never had anything like that happen before. (report)
loren (10/25): My granddad passed away 14yrs ago, and my grandma 7yrs ago. As i placed my grandmas ashes into the grave next to my gandads ashes, my mom and i noticed a small little bird sitting close by, the next second an identical bird swept down next to it and they both flew away! My mom and i believe it was my grandad fetching my grandma! On the first anniversary of my grandmas death, i was parked in my car and could hear birds chirping. I looked around but couldnt see them. They kept chirping, and then i looked out my car window and right up next to my car were the identical 2 little birds. As soon as i saw them they flew away! Then this sept on the anniversary of my grandads death, i was very busy at work and hadnt thought about the date yet. I went out to open the gate and the 2 little birds flew down at my feet and almost tripped me up! As it happened i remembered the date! They flew away. I cried and cried and cried! Now thats reassurance for me!! (report)
MyKeith (10/28): My boyfriend and I was together for almost 6 years. He passed away the day before our 6 year anniversary. He used to call me in the middle of the night for a ride if he was with his friends and had to much to drink. Almost a year after he passed away, I dreamed my cellphone rang at the time that he would call me and it was him. He was telling me that he love me and that he was ok.. When I woke up I was crying and looking thru my phone trying to find the number he called me from. It was so real. I feel in my heart that he was letting me know he love me and that he is ok and that it is alright for me to start picking up the pieces. (report)
condie333 (10/30): i was sitting in my living room waiting on the funeral car to arrive to take me to my mothers funeral.suddenly a white dove crashed into my house window flapping its wings for about 60 seconds.it then perched on a roof next to my house for 5 days before leaving. (report)
dravo93 (11/2): My mother was in a nursing home and getting worse everyday. On July 8th after sitting in bed and talking with my brother and sister she started breathing really heavy. I was on my way to the home but, by the time I got there she was in a coma state. It just so happens that my father had passed away 21 years to that day. My mother lasted until 12:20 so she missed my fathers anniversary but, now she has her own. Just recently I have been finding pennies every day on the ground. I realize it has been over 3 months and I think of her everyday. I think that is her way of telling me she is watching over me and that she is with my father and very happy and also to move on. I can't stop thinking of her as I loved her very much. I know she is in a better place and she is letting me know that. (report)
sparkyt1 (11/2): oh yeah. 3 times. the first was my daughter. she was 2 months when she passed. a couple days after the funeral I dreamt she was ok. she was happy. the dream fulled me with happiness. until I woke up. I eventually figured it out. 2cnd time when my grandpa passed. he was a very close gpa. same dream. this time when my step dad died. it took quite awhile for that one to come. my mom was having a very hard time and she was getting messages in the form of pennies. i finally had that dream months later. (report)
karenvision (11/9): i have had numerous experience where my mum came and touch me,i have also felt a light touch apon my head, i have witness a prensense walk right past me.this is werid feeling i have had the privilige of seening 4orbs right there in front me, i had strange feeling that some body just died and these beautful orbs presented themselfs to me, priviliged i am (report)
karenvision (11/9): i think if your mind tunes in to the wave length, at the right moment you can pick up anything i guess you have be quite sensitive o and does help if your trouble or have had lt shit in your life, upset after upset,you also have to be perfectly still in the mind and body this is hard the it means still as in stillness in the air is like what you have tune your mind,the wait wait and wait, (report)
Anonymous (11/14): The night my mom was being cremated I woke up to the smell of menthol smoke which was what my mom smoked. I sat up and standing next to me was my mom, and she was turning to ashes right before my eyes. I screamed and looked away to wake my husband and she was gone. I smell her smoke from time to time in the middle of the night. (report)
HollyLowry1980 (11/19): My dad passed away on Nov. 13,2011. Today, 11/19/11 my son said he was at the park and heard a voice talking to him. I askec him who it was then he said it was papaw. He said that my dad asked him to watch over my mom and thats it (report)
ayrscot (11/21): I woke up one morning and turned onto my right side where I was looking into my deceased darling husband's face; I could not bear to lose sight of this vision although it only lasted for a few seconds, but it was so real. Has anyone else had this vision? (report)
wolfwhisper (11/21): Yes after my husband died I talked to him in my dream numerous times. The last time he was with a man who stood off to the side as he had to tell me he couldn't come back so I could move on. (report)
clattnow (11/24): My mother died in February she does communicate through dreams and recently told me she is not really dead but up in the loft which I cannot quite understand. She has appeared in other dreams. I try to talk to her I think at times she has come back as my little jack russell who is very like her. A lovely little person. I am afraid I value all animals higher than humans as they are so innocent. I felt guilty for her death I had three sets of police officers asking me about her death which was accidental in a way she died from parkinsons disease and a heart attack. I loved and hated her all at the same time. She left me with a step father who is a true pain to me and he rents my farm house which she left to me. I wish she had not left me with this man. I would life to remove him as every one tells me I should. Her dieing wish was that I should remove him but if I do then he will seek revenge. I wish she was here again as I have nobody to talk to and wish I could pick up the phone to her or that she was really up in the loft as the dream tells me. (report)
pamela3636 (11/25): hello, Yes most certainly, infact Iv had several signs since my father died last month, the first was the day after his funeral. (report)
Ryu (11/26): yes i have experience with my mom when she died on 0ct,11,2010 she died in the house. she alway walk with my dog every day some time i look out side and i see her walking 4 day now dont know why she still here? (report)
Anonymous (11/26): My brother in law called me from Arizona - My Sister died 10 years ago at home - He sold the house shortly afterwards. The people that bought the house did not remain that long - The new owners, a young couple moved in recently - Apparently the wife went across the street to the neighbors asking if anyone had died in that house - The husband was on a ladder painting - as he was coming down he saw a woman in the living room, who disappeared. The wife saw the same woman a few days later - Is it possible my sister returned to that house where she died - My brother-in-law is going to bring over a picture of my sister - What do you think? (report)
terrytyree (11/27): The day my brother passed I closed my eyes and saw him walking into heaven he turned to me and smiled and said that he is ok and everything we be alright (report)
Pumpkin (11/27): 11/27/11 - I do believe we are contacted by loved ones who have passed on. My mom passed away 8/2/11 and twice while I was washing dishes at the kitchen sink, I felt her presence behind me. I've also had dreams where she came to me. Most recently, I was sleeping on the couch and the blankets were partially on me and partially hanging over the couch onto the floor and suddenly, I felt a presence standing beside the couch. Then I felt my mom's hands tucking the blankets underneath me and then I felt her energy go through me as though she was teling me I love you and I'm taking care of you..and I said, "Thanks, Mom". I miss her so much and I hope her visits continue. (report)
Pumpkin (11/27): The most amazing visit I got was from my Uncle. Approx a year after he passed away, I had a dream that me, my mom, my sisters and my uncle's bestfriend were at my uncle's house and we were getting ready to go shopping. My uncle appeared and I asked him if he wanted to go with us and he said, "I can't, I'm dead dummy (he was a jokester) and I said, " can I see what it's like?" and he put his hands up and told me to touch my hands against his and when I did, it felt like we were fastforwarding through time. Then he said, OK, we're here...I felt a overwhelming sense of peacefulness and I said, "I can't see anything but gray clouds" and he said, "that's because you're not dead yet....it's beautiful". And when I woke up, and got out of bed to get my clothes for the day, I opened my sock drawer and found a pendant that he had given me as a gift...I had lost that pendant long ago and I had been in and out of my sock drawer numerous times and that pendant was not in there before....so I do believe he really did visit me and gave me a glimpse of heaven even though I couldn't see it. (report)
Anonymous (11/28): I had a son that passed 16years ago and never said good bye he was 12.I feel I never bribed because I missed him so much . B last night I dreamed of him he was on a gurney I was holding his hand and he said mom it's okay your holding my hand and it's okay to let go and say good bye .last night I was able to see his smile feel his body and was able to know he is okay and to say good bye..it felt really good to see my son .I could say it felt like he was with me. (report)
Anonymous (11/29): This just happened today. I'm out of the country and my grandfather passed away. I always used to bring him a nice cigar on Father's Day. I was watching the funeral via Skype and got a spam email advertising cigars right after my mother mentioned it in the eulogy. Picture was of an old guy and a young guy enjoying cigars and a drink. (report)
hatter (11/29): BEFORE mum died, I dreamt I was at her appt, sitting at a table when she fell off her stool. As she hit the floor I thought "oh no, she will be in pain". To my surprise, when I went to help, she was completely undeniably dead. Her eyes had NO LIFE in them. Shocked, I waited in my dream for what felt like forever for police. I paced and kept checking her eyes, wide open and lifeless. Finally the police came and the moment they did, mum suddenly had life in her eyes. I felt awful because I had not helped her. Mum didn't get up or move or talk, but life was in her eyes again. I didn't tell mum about the dream, I had it just before I saw her last. I didn't want to scare her, but when I said goodbye, I hugged her as though it could be the last, just incase. Memory burn hug! 2 weeks later, I get a call that mums body had been found. I had just got home from a holiday and mum had just been found by a neighbour, to the clock!! The drive to mums place felt like FOREVER and I thought I would have to identify her body so I tried to prep myself mentally to see her lifeless. I didn't know that mum had passed away over a wk ago and was badly decomposed. When I got there, I asked to see her, but the cops said I couldn't go up there. After asking me Qs about her health and what could have happened I said to the cop, I really need to see mum. He explained how badly decompossed mum was and that seeing her was not an option...he said (and I nearly fainted as I instantly recalled my dream) "Just remember her with life in her eyes" ... From the moment I heard of mums passing, until I saw the police, I was visualising her lifeless. Then suddenly, when I see the police, it was all about life in her eyes. I don't know if this is just a coincidence...BUT, I HOPE because sometimes HOPE is all we have, I HOPE that we are spirits who never die and that signs truly do exist and this was mums way of giving me that one last hug. (report)
Anonymous (11/29): My sister always made a big deal of our birthday. She wanted to make sure we felt "special" on our day. She died in a car accident on September 5th, 1999. My birthday is October 15th. That first birthday I was really bummed, no card, no phone call at 12:01 am so she could be the first one to tell me happy birthday... Well, I had a unicorn musical ceramic statue that had belonged to her. It was on my piano and no one had touched it since I put it there some 30-35 days before. I was home alone the evening of my birthday and when I walked through the room, the statue began to play, only for a few seconds, but I instantly knew it was my "happy birthday" from my sister. For probably 5 years after she died, each birthday, there would be something that happened that I was unable to explain as anything other than my sister. I have also lost my grandmother and my mother. I was close to them both. I have had many, many experiences that I know beyond a doubt it was a short visit from one of them. My grandmother and my sister have both come to me in a dream... I took care of my mother for a year prior to her passing and I know there were several times I passed her room and saw a woman sitting on the side of the bed. For a minute, I thought it was Mom and I would stop and go back to her door to see if there was something she needed. She would be lying down, fast asleep. It never scared or startled me. I just knew somehow that it was my grandmother, or my sister, or maybe even my mother's sister. I love that they are still able to give me some measure of comfort and I am a believer! (report)
Anonymous (12/1): The day after my dad died, my v+ box picked up 30 mins of ceefax at 5.25 that morning. This would have been just about when he would have got up, turned ceefax on and checked the racing for the day! (report)
youngalsoconfused (12/2): my dad died 2 years ago on this past november 30th. i had a hard time on that day, but i got home just an hour or 2 ago and was standing in my bedroom and saw a white figure flowing past my door and got this feeling and i followed it into the hall thinking it was my mom but i walked out and saw nothing. my mom is really big into spiritual things and i asked her about it and she told me it was either my grandpa or my father. i got this nice serenity feeling when she said it could have been my dad. now im wondering why all of a sudden can i see things like this and why is he coming to me after 2 years and out of everyone, including my older sister, did he choose me, i came on here while i was researching this and saw the first posts from NoAds and JustMe and it says they were posted on 7/27, that is my dads birthday, is it possible he could be telling me something? im very confused. :/ (report)
19692010 (12/3): I had a dream about my brother who passed and in the dream he told me that he had traveled many places around the world and he seemed to be at peace. I also think that I saw him as well, it was while I was taking a nap and when I looked up I saw a blurred vision of a man and I knew it was him,and I was not afraid, it was a type of peace. (report)
nerdy12 (12/5): I am pretty sure i did because on April 29th 2011 my boyfriend died..i was devasted and still am i cry all the time because i miss him so much and i cant live without him...I'm still in love with him and i want him to be alive again:/ well anyways i was riding my bike one day in the summer and i saw this white feather it looked like a angel feather..I'm really not sure if that's a sign from him or what but i saw it. (report)
jamesherman (12/6): My sister was very ill, she was on life support for 8 days. We got a call from the hospital, the doctors needed the family members to arrive immediately. I was heading to the hospital as soon as I could, in the meantime I smelled flowers in my car for a good 5-8 minutes, that was at 2:45 pm. I thought it was weird that I could smell flowers on November 25th. When I arrived at the Hospital, at 3:15 pm, the doctors said she had passed at 2:45, do you think the smell of flowers was a sign from my Sister, telling me she is alright? (report)
jessicapooh (12/8): well my name is jessica , my close cousin veronica died on november 10th 2011 ; every since i have had dreams of her asking me to come up to heaven with her. And, then i would wake up. what does that mean? (report)
Anonymous (12/9): I just want to say that I have had a recent situation similar to some of these experiences. My father passed away less than two months ago in a hotel room. My sisters and I drove an hour and a half to be there with my Mother. Although my sisters were not in the room, two of my cousins, my mom and I gathered around my Father while we waited for the mortuary. After our prayer, my Mother weeped a bit and I tried to comfort her with words that Dad is ok now, he is with his brother. My cousin added that he was also there with our grandma and immediately after, the radio in the room turned on, with no music but only white noise. In those moments it is very easy to believe and for some, it may be a religous or scientific explanation, I will always believe that whether my Dad or someone else, that incident was to provide us with comfort and ease. Even more, on the drive home, the sky lit up so bright we didn't know what it was until we figured out that it was a 'falling star'. Coincidence? (report)
jjeantonya (12/11): my uncle passed away a few months ago and he came to mein a dream. in the dream we had coffee. (report)
happy (12/13): I had a sign today. My father and I have always been close, and lately I have just been withdrawn. He passed away a couple of years ago. I can honestly say, what I missed the most was how he used to make me laugh. Today, I fell asleep and woke up in hysterical laughter after seeing my father in my dream, doing one of his silly jokes. I was laughing so hard that I literally woke myself up laughing... I am still laughing...LOL! I miss him so much, and am glad, he is ok. I know he is, cause he knows how to still make me laugh. (report)
melanie1981 (12/13): Yes, I watched my mom take her last breath, and we had been discussing that I didn't want her to wander around, and to go into the light, I was also having a breakdown and kept telling her to go ahead and die, that it was ok even though my sister wasn't there yet.and about 4 seconds after her last breath, I heard a voice go past my ear that said "I will Mel" wich is my name.it sounded like a whisper, but I know it was her.we were like soul mates she was EVERYTHING to me..rip mommy 1/1/11 (report)
sweetness (12/15): My Father inlaw past away on July 2, I was 8 1/2 months pregnant , and it was sad, he was always favoring me, he liked me alot because I always helped his son when he was a student in college I stood by my man..Anyway fast forward to July 24th the day I delivered my daughter. I was on the delivery table and had beautiful healthy baby girl, I am not sure what happened but , I think the placenta was stuck inside they manuallay removed it , during all this they put me to sleep or I dont know it felt like a dream, but, I felt this strong presence of my fatherinlaw he was tugging me to come upstairs with him, it was all green carpeting as if we were in our old house..he was happy and said what do u want with everyone here , come upstairs its nicer .. I always wondered what that all ment ...Sometimes now after 18 years ..I still see him in my dreams ,, I am now divorced and I felt maybe he saw that coming .and his son would be a jerk who knows .. but I believe sometimes its just a sign and it makes me happy to see him because it gives me hope ... (report)
Jml96 (12/20): Yes, same here my father had recently passed away as well. My sister had told me that she started seeing dimes everywhere. Next thing you know I'm seeing them now too. In odd places, like ontop of laundry detergent, outside on the porch. I would like to know if it's a good sign or..? (report)
Anonymous (12/21): yes! my very best friend Jacob Longmore. he committed suicide on oct. 2nd and like a week or two later he came to me in a lucid dream(a dream in which u r in control)and let me know he was okay and happy and at peace. he had schizophrenia. (report)
Mydi (12/24): Yes so many signs, real love forever last. (report)
Mydi (12/24): So many signs.Real love forever lasts. They are still with us the spirit never leaves . (report)
pacarlet (12/29): When I was 15, I dated this boy for 2 yrs. We didn't stay in touch after our break up but I thought about him and loved him deeply. He did not know about how I felt. Then 8 yrs ago, he found my brother and contacted me. We told each other how we both felt and fell in love and became best friends up until he passed away 3 weeks ago from complications from cancer. My heart is broken and I dream of him most nights. I was in the shower the other day, and I felt someone hugging me. Could this have been him. (report)
amandapaige (1/5): my nannie passed away there on the 21st of dec and on the morning of her death a cat just started staying in the back trying 2 come in the door everytime it was open, the cat even jump in the window it was that brave!but from that day i always said it was my nannie showing us she is ok and at peace, every1 taugh i was mad (report)
jeanetteelaine (1/9): When I was around 12 or so,my twin sister and I were sitting in our family room watching tv while my parents were in bed sleeping. We heard a noise from the main living room like some one had opened our front door,thinking it was our older brother coming in, we turned around to see him and my fathers good friend, who owned the home we lived in, was standing in the joining room (dining room ) standing there looking at us. He was wearing the usual jeans,flannel shirt,rolled up sleeves,and work boots. He was standing with his hands in his pockets just looking at us. We said HI,as he just keep looking at us. We wondered WHAT was he doing? It freaked us out so we both hunched down so he couldnt see us! It was creepy to us. a few seconds later,my brother came in the front door. As we heard him we both looked up and my dads friend was gone. we started freaking out and started telling our brother what just happend.My brother thought we were NUTS. The Next day my parents were talking and we heard them talking about his friend and they told us he had past away the night before from a motorcycle accident. We then told our parents what happend. My mother believed us, but our dad was not even going for it. Im just glad I had a witness to tell the storie as I seen it too! because it happend. (report)
Anonymous (1/10): my mum used to collect 20p coins in a jar and would raid my purse for any,when she died i was devestated and still am 18mths later,but shortly after her death 20p coins would appear everywhere in the washing machine,on the side in the kitchen,one in my shoe,under the car gear stick and i belive this was my mum letting me know shes here with me. (report)
sxean (1/10): I had a dream of my Dad, giving me lots of money. I said "No Dad it's okay, give it to Bill (my Brother) but he insisted I take it. Then we hugged and the I woke up. My Dad's physical presence been gone from this earth many years ago, but I'm not totally convinced that is truly the end of "life". (report)
NikkiBlueEyes (1/11): My grandfather had just passed on 6 days ago. Thinking back on that day I finally realized my 3 year old daughter just stopped what she was doing and came up behind me, hugged me and said, "I love you, mommy." She never does this & hasn't done it since.. I didn't even know he was gone when she did this. Then a few hours later I got the bad news.. Was it him telling me goodbye? (report)
vickieg06 (1/12): My darling died on Tues 2.30 am 10 Jan 2012 So far I have had the butterfly, scent, the love songs when i was going to the hospital Mon..and the ones I heard Tues after he had passed? the peaceful thing all the next day, the lights and the internet dropping in and out?my pc turning off 3 times for no reason (others had no problems) (report)
Jack1881 (1/12): My son died on the 2nd of January 2012 since then lots of odd things have been happening .. All his toys getting put out at night and his Christmas ball keeps getting put in the lounge room ... I also keep getting butterflies in the house they will finally come out when I go out side for a smoke and fly around me :) I believe my son is trying to tell me he's safe ... He died of cancer and suffered a great deal in the end .. To the man on the no side when you loose someone that's close to you they will always be with you my son is a part of me (report)
JerseyGirl52 (1/13): I had an experience like baby66. Forty-four years ago I dated the love of my life. When we parted, he took a piece of my heart, and I never got over him. He's had a special place in my heart ever since--even after all these years. Recently, I started having these dreams where I was with this other guy (not my husband). It was like looking at him through a fog; I could see him but not in detail. I felt so at peace when with him and felt his love for me; and, I knew I loved him very much. Yet I couldn't see clearly who it was. After several of these dreams, I realized who it was. It was my first (and last) truly the love of my life. Once I realized who it was, I started having vivid memories of our times together. Times I hadn't thought of in many, many years that were imbedded deep in my memory. I thought I would google his name. In doing so, I discovered that he has passed away in 2003 at the age of 51. I cannot begin to described the sadness that came over me. Now I remember more and more of the great times we shared in vivid detail. I even heard "Sunshine of Your Love" by Cream several times played recently--song which was special in our relationship. And, little significant signs are brought my way constantly. I don't know what this means. I feel that one day we may be connected again. (report)
mel8484 (1/15): my mom had leukemia,and didnt find out untill she went to the hospital cuz she couldnt breath anymore.theres a LOT more to it, but 3 weeks later her family and i watched her take her last breath,she blead out .but rite after she took her last breath, like 4 seconds after ,i hears a voice whisper in my ear as if they were walking past me and whispering right in my ear,and said,"i will mel" it didnt really sound like her, but i know it was.and it was an answer 2 either 2 things i kept saying to her.but i know it was her.i love deeply and miss her so much.the funny thing is ,is since i was little, i prayed that she would atleast live till i was 30,and thats when she past.she was only 47 (report)
Jaybird (1/16): Same here.Me and my sister were eating in a restaruant nd there was this man that wore a very similar shirt my godfather would wear(same colors).hes hair nd shape of head resembled him and i felt a warm feeling come to me and let out a smile.It was a sign (report)
Anonymous (1/17): i made my dad promise to come to me after he died, as others i know have had visits from loved ones and i never have.The night my dad passed i was awoken by something shaking my mattress when i looked around i couldnt see anything then i felt myself be cover with this warmth like a blanket. igot up had glass of water and went back to sleep. Half an hour later the phone went and i was told my darling father had died .Later when talking to my mum about what happened to me i told her the time it occurred and my mum said that is the time he passed at home in her arms. My dad kept his promise and now i am not scared of death as i know he will be there waiting for me when its my turn to go, I made him promise me that too. My dad always kept his promises. (report)
sweetazrielle (1/19): I just lost my beloved Grandma 3 days ago. I went to be with her on her death bed. The following day I was making the 3 hour drive home and on my drive I saw something that comforted me. I saw 2 beautiful bald eagles way up in a tree of the hwy. They were stunning. I thought right away it was my g-ma sitting next to me g-pa. Her way of telling me she was happy and re-united with him. I enjoyed looking at both the yes and the no columns, as there are a considerable amount more believers as non believers. I am aware this could just be a coincidence. I will say, I still look at it as a sign....either way it made me very happy to see this. (report)
belinda (1/21): yes it seems there is always someone in my mom' house as my child can see a lady always smilling at him and he is only 4years old. (report)
chezy (1/22): to all the negativity out there atheist's so on and so forth, i've seen so much proof that when we die our spirit does live on (report)
jadalane (1/23): A week after my mother suddenly passed away, my then 2 year old daughter saw her. We were in my car and my daughter was pointing out the window waving and laughing. I asked her what she was doing? I'm watching grandma, she's right here outside of my window. She's dancing and twirling around. I almost broke my neck trying to see, but I was driving. My daughter then said, "Look at her beautiful wings". I pulled over to the nearest parking lot, ran to the back and asked her where is she now? She's gone. I asked what she was wearing? She told me she had on a blue gown and it opened in the back. I said, "oh no! She won't like that!" My mom loved her clothes, she died in the hospital in their gown. Around the same time, my daughter was in her room playing and talking to grandma. My husband and I was curious, we walked over and I asked, "who are you playing with?" "Can't you see Mommy, it's grandma!" I didn't see anything, I thought it was best not to ask and let her have fun. I know it was a sign. Love you mom!!! (report)
jadalane (1/23): Three months after my mother died, my stepfather passed away. It was almost too much to handle. They both raised us kids, it didn't seem fair that both parents, gone in three months. I was crying and very sad, one night in a dream, they both appeared. They reassured me that they were together and ok. They were worried about me and wanted to reassure me and not to worry anymore. Mom told me I was a great mother and how proud she was of me the way I was raising my daughter. Then they went over to my daughters's bed, kissed her and gave me one last hug. I watched them, hand in hand walk back up a big bridge that is in my hometown and disappear. It's been six years, instead of me feeling sadness they are both gone, I feel blessed, loved and know that they are still together. (report)
klesher (1/23): My mother gives me signs every once in awhile. After my mom passed away I moved from my apartment into a house with a girl room-mate, the day I moved i I was putting my bed-room together and a small white dove landed on the Window seal and watched me for awhile then she just flew away. I often get a small white feather in front of me when I am walking and I always pick it us. (report)
Anonymous (1/25): I think so, yes. Recently, a woman that I loved very much passed away. I was quite despondent over the loss. A couple of days later, I ran into references to "lobster" in a couple of otherwise-unrelated articles online. Immediately afterwards, I found a pewter lobster pin lying on the ground. This woman's nickname for me was "love bug" - the first three letters of lobster (LOB) correspond to the first letters of LOve and Bug, and both "lobster" and "love bug" have seven letters. If it's a coincidence, it's an awfully big one! (report)
sharon (1/25): yes every day almost its my Ex soulmate who i love so much n always will n he loved me da same he passed 4 yrs ago n he is here we chatted on FB and he turns my tv on every day mostly n i feel him on my right side its a very cold on my right side always on der only.... (report)
Imissmysis (1/25): The night that my sister passed away I went to bed tired from crying and being by her bed side all day. I fell right to sleep. As soon as I did there she was. 12 or 13 years old waving at me telling me bye. She had orange human like figures standing all around her. I reached out to try and touch her and the harder I tried the further away she got. She was waving and smiling though. I woke up gasping for air. It took me a few seconds to get my air back. I have never experienced a dream like that in my life and really don't think my mind could have done that on its on. I know it was real. I love and miss you sis. (report)
dgingerich83 (1/26): I know this might sound weird but I am six months pregnant with a boy. I prayed for a boy so I could name him after my grandfather who passed away seventeen years ago. Every morning this unborn baby wakes me up at exactly 3am. What could this mean? (report)
Jacqueline (1/26): My friends dad died early dis week... N wile shes been sitin in her kitchen the fire alarm has went of 2 times each nyt at the same time!! We dnt understand y it doin it as its neva done it before.. Jus wanted to no if u know if its a sign ir nat n wat it means xx (report)
godstomper7 (1/28): Yes , my mother passed away yesterday afternoon Jan 27 2012 . I was very distraught . Me and my mother are and always will be close . After living the hospital I decided to be alone and walk 4 miles to my home. When I got home I noticed the kitchen light was on . I was the last person to leave the house that day and I'm a big energy saving person so I always turn off all lights , heater . I also never turn on or leave on that kitchen light for any reason because I don't . So it was my mom who let me a light on when I came home. (report)
Thekids8 (1/31): Ive been dreamingof my mom who passed away 6 weeks ago. My latest dream my,m and were holding hands laying down outside waiting to die. We woke up and my mom said we didnt die. what does it mean (report)
DuffyMum (2/1): My Dad died 8 years ago. He lived in another city some four hours away from me. On the day that he died, uncharacteristically I awoke pre-dawn and wandered out to the backyard and sat, staring out at nothing. My husband joined me fifteen minutes later and came out to see if I was okay (I was pregnant at the time so he was also worried that something might be wrong). We sat for about ten minutes and then the phone rang. My brother was calling to say that Dad had died. I believed then and still believe now that Dad woke me to say his final goodbye to me. A few years later, I nearly drove off the road as I saw a man that looked so much like my Dad in every way possible, walking down the street not far from my home. I pulled up the car because I was shaking so much from the shock. What made it even harder to deal with was that this happened around my Dad's birthday. While yes, he was on my mind, I definitely wasn't dreaming. Over the next week, I saw this same man walking around our neighbourhood and even at the same coffee shop that I used to take my parents to whenever they were visiting. Even my husband thought this man looked remarkably like Dad. As suddenly as I saw him that first day, he was gone. I have never seen him since. I do believe that Dad has been sending me signs and it gives me comfort to know that his love knows no boundary. (report)
dorris (2/2): ON MY BIRTHDAY I was so down. My daughterBecky has been missing presumed dead. As a mom I knew she was gone. My husband turned the nite lite off after a few minutes it went on by itself the whole room illuminated in a light blue color. Her sister says Becky have you stopped to say hi to mom. Wow what an experience Dorris (report)
nicoleruns262 (2/3): After losing one of my dearest friends and mentor, George Esper, I have been struggling to come to terms with it and found this post. I truly believe our loved ones can give signs they are okay. In fact, I believe I experienced one on Friday morning like @DuffyMum. For an unexplained reason, I woke up right before 6 a.m. Instead of falling right back to sleep like I normally do, I felt wide awake in spite of the lack of sleep I've had lately. For hours I just laid there, reading and trying to catch up on emails on my Blackberry. Within hours I was told that George had passed during the middle of the night in his sleep. It gave me chills. I know this was George's way of saying goodbye and that he would be there for me, that his love for me as a dear friend would always surround me. As much as it hurts, I smile knowing he is still with me. (report)
Anonymous (2/4): Yes, I believe...and I have had several since my sister passed suddenly without warning recently! (report)
Anonymous (2/4): I just "got" it! The black bird represented death and the damaged and broken left wing was representing broken hearts... In my religion we have a service a month following the death to mark the month hence past the passing and one can be in mourning clothes~black~ for a whole month up to that date....unreal! Every time I have asked for a sign from her I have gotten it thus far! (report)
ktd (2/6): Yes I have my exboyfriend had passed four days after my daughter was born we were still friends his birthday was october 18th my baby was born dec 1st 2011 and my bday is july 22nd . In my dream i dont remember much but what does stand out to me still, is the fact that he mentioned the number seven which i know is the lords number.I think he was trying to tell me he made it to heaven,because after his death I used to pray to God that he made it .Any suggestions or advice of how I should interpret this will be greatly appreciated. (report)
Anonymous (2/9): My mother passed away last year (2011) and on Christmas Eve I was cleaning out my two nephews rooms. While I was folding my youngest nephews clothes I felt a strong presence in his room. I immediately knew it was my mother and I started talking out loud to her. As I was talking to her and folding my nephews clothes, out of no where, a long white skirt appeared in the midst of all my nephew's clothing. I spent literally almost every day of my life with my mother (she was only 45 when she passed and I am 22) and I never saw that skirt once. But, when I saw it I cried tears of joy because I knew my mother was giving it to me, to tell me that she was okay. It was so peaceful for me and the loving energy in the room was unforgettable. (report)
lynnlynn (2/16): yes i saw a black mist with a shadow 3 nights after my dad died my partner also saw this and the spirit went right through him and gave him a jab in the leg before leaving my home and out the wall in my dineing room , id like to think this was my mother and father together as i lost my mum only 2 n half years ago and my dad 6 weeks ago xxx (report)
annyh (2/19): My Dad died early in 2000. A few days after I was working in the house, feeling very sad, and I distinctly felt someone scratch me gently on the face. I thought it was dad. Then a day or two later I woke up feeling really sad and was looking out of the bedroom window at the stars. I asked my dad to send me a shooting star to say he was OK - and seconds later there was indeed a shooting star! Coincidence? People are entitled to their own beliefs - but I think it was my dad reassuring me. Many years ago I also saw a ghost of an unknown girl - IN A TENT! We were on a camping holiday. To quote one of Shakespeare's plays, "There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamed of in your (our?) philosophy! (report)
Anonymous (2/28): After my dad died, I was worried about him. In a rural community, I saw a Amish teenager driving a set of horses. The teenager waved at me, he looked just like my dad when he was younger. Most Amish people are quiet and keep to themselves, they never wave at strangers. My dad loved to drive horses when he was younger. I think heaven is a place that you want to be. (report)
Tangie01 (3/7): My bf passed away feb 13th 2012 and it still hasn't been a day that I haven't cried...i went to a physic and before i went every time I use to talk about him I would get short of breath it would feel like somebody was pushing me down so when I get to the physic she said he led me there and she told me he was about to propose to me and ready to have a baby that crushed my heart now I got this ringing noise in my ear every time I talk about him I just want him to let me know that he's ok and for me to hear him say that he loves me one more time like everybody else says its going to be ok I don't want to move on or forget about him so what does this mean we wasnt meant to be he was the best person i met it's for me to decide if that's what I really want I will never find anybody like him again really I wont maybe he wont come talk to me because I keep crying I just want to know when I'm gonna see him again maybe that will ease my pain I'm scared if I move on me and him wont reunite in paradise that's my biggest fear I love you baby please get everything for me up there ready for us please keep our alive. (report)
19janet66 (3/8): my mum passed away and i did'nt get there in time,but as i was standing over her half hour after she passed away i was looking into her eyes and all of a sudden there was a light flicker come from her eye.was'nt from any windows as none in the room she was in.she was asking for me all morning so sad i didnt get there in time,but im sure she sent that flicker of light for me..miss her so much only been 3weeks since she left us. (report)
lena (3/8): thats rely amazing&i truely believe in the spirit world,wot do u think (apart frm the obvious) about a butterfly landing on the end of me staring@me then landing on the end of my lit cigerette then on the ashtray&again yesterday on the ashtray?? i no i have to stop smoking but its truely freaking me out? has any1 had this happen?? (report)
marion (3/15): You will not believe this! About twenty odd years ago, my Persian (Iranian)husband who was a convert from zooastrian religion to catholicm. He came from Iran 20 years previously before he met met in London. We were married for 30 years in all, and went to live in the West Country and had two daughters. ]Seven years before he died, he was diagnosed with cancer. He had three years to live apparently. However he carried on for the next 7. About a year before he died, I saw a fantastic pair of black slip on 'K' shoes advertised with a 'retro' bar across the front fastened by an old fashioned looking button, on the telly, and said, oh they are just so gorgeous, but then i saw they were 44. He was the only one who knew I liked them. Sometime before he died, i said to him, wouldnt it be nice if you sent a sign from up there to prove there is a heaven. Like a rose dropping to my feel or something romantic. It was only a flippant throw away remark, and did not think any more about it. When he died, I cried on and off for about three weeks. My daughter said shall we go to Clarkes Village in Somerton near Glastonbury to cheer me up . There, clothes are sold at a fraction of the price, because they are dated, or discontinued etc. We went into some shops, and then I had'nt done the shoe shop. As I entered through the big double glass sliding doors, I vaguely noticed a pile of shoe boxes to my right, more than an arms length away. About seven foot high. I walked in, and, a box fell off the top, and landed at my feet. The white box fell open. Inside, clearly marked were a pair of identical shoes in my size marked at 14.99! I could clearly see the details from where I stood, stopped in my tracks. I just could not believe it. this seemed to be his or God's proof that yes there is a heaven. It was truly amazing, and yes i did buy them. Yours very truly, marion andrews. (report)
Anonymous (3/18): Yes! My brother passed 8mnths ago & someone said if u find pennies laying outside pick em up their kisses that your loved ones have sent u from heaven :) so now I have so many kisses (pennies) from my baby brother I know that's his way of saying he's ok :) (report)
Amen (3/20): In April 2011, my wife informed me that an old friend had been diagnosed with cancer. We weren?t close friends however, we didn?t socialize with them but my wife was on a cheering squad with her in high school and graduated with her husband. We would run into them every now and then, mostly at sporting events as our kids played sports together. My heart broke in two when I heard the news, she had lost her husband to cancer three years earlier. I couldn?t stop thinking how frightened she must have been after watching her husband wither away, knowing she too had to endure the same fate. Or how worried she must have been wondering what would happen to her three adult children, the youngest still in college. I suggested to my wife that we buy her some Lourdes Water and some Rosary Beads from the gift shop at Lourdes. My wife thought that was a good idea but when it came time to send them to her, I worried that she might be mad at God and the gifts might offend or upset her. So I sent them anonymously and wrote in the card that I prayed the Rosary for her every night at 9:30 and asked her to pray it with me. Later, I thought it might be a good thing that I didn?t sign my name to the card, it might keep her wondering and thinking about the Rosary. Then I prayed, I prayed my heart out faithfully, every night at 9:30 as I?d written. (Continued in the next post, hope it works!) (report)
Amen (3/20): I asked the Lord for a miracle but if that wasn?t his will, I asked that somehow she would turn to God in her hour of need. God said we could move mountains with our faith so I asked him if my faith was strong enough to move a mountain, to cure her cancer, and I prayed that her suffering be redemptive. One day in mid October, I prayed my first Rosary at 7:00 am and for some reason, I decided to pray my second Rosary at 9:30 am. It was a Wednesday so I was praying the Glorious Mysteries with my eyes closed as I always pray. While I was on the second mystery, The Ascension, a round light shot across my left eye and then stopped. It had the circumference of a pencil eraser and when it stopped, it glowed as bright as a light bulb, then went out. I thought to myself, wow that was different. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before or since. Later that afternoon, my wife sent me a text informing me that Donna had died about 9:30 that morning. I know in my heart that light was her thanking me for the prayers. I prayed my heart out for her and to have that happen within minutes of her death is no accident or coincidence. It was her telling me my prayers helped her. So pray everyone, buy some Rosary Beads and pray the Rosary, you don?t have to be Catholic. (report)
Lindsayloveless (3/20): I was like 5 Years old when i First saw someone in my Sleep. But in my Sleep my grandfather i saw him. He came to say goodbye. I remember exactly what He Said. He Said Lindsay i will always Love you. And whenever you are Lost or Need help ill Be here for you. I will always Miss you more than anyone. I Love you. After that i woke up and ran to my Moms Room. I was crying so much my mom Decided to Start to Write an Email to my Grand mother about what i had told my mom. But me and my mom Fell asleep. In the Morning my mom Recieved a phone Call from my grandmother and She was crying hysterically. She Said my grandfather had dies that Night. She Said She Found ihm Dead at about 2:00 AM and that is about 10 minutes After i Went into my Moms Room. We Know this because of the Email my mom Startes to Type. (report)
alibharwani (3/23): My mother passed away in 1999. Right after her death, I had a vision that she was surrounded by Angels and was carried off to heaven by Jesus. This happened in the hospital chappel moments after my mother passed away. It felt so profoundly real, but I knew it couldn't be. I started walking back towards the intensive care ward where she passed away and I passed the hospital Chaplain. He didn't know me and I didn't know him. We both turned and looked at each other. He smiled at me and said "she is safe now and OK". He quickly walked away and I could not find him again. I later dreamt everyday where I saw her, but no words were exchanged. She later came to me in my dream where she wan a good Angel of God and was serving God. I then had a dream where jesus came to and said "she is safe now and ok". These were the exact same words spoken by the hospital chaplain who would never have known that my mother had just passed away. The best thing we can do is vision them in the good way that they were. (report)
Tupac (3/25): They say when you die,for 48 hours after death,you can still talk to the death person,or pray for the dead person.THe dead person will be able to hear you,but cannot answer back as a human.But when someone dies you can still talk to them.They can hear you.No wonder sometimes people see them around.The 48 hours gives us time to mourn and pray for the person,this is for helping him or her through the walk of death!To carry this person to the light,you have to really mournand pray for him,because it is said that alone one cannot make it.Only prayers will. (report)
imissmymom123 (3/26): i was cleaning out my dead mothers basement today when i heard footsteps upstairs.. then followed by the sound of moving furniture when i got upstairs one of her kitchen chairs was moved across the room.. now im worried shes stuck in her home :( (report)
Tepresh1 (3/27): Since 1994 when my dad died i see doves everywhere i go, even i travel out of the country grey doves they follow me, on my way to and from work i saw them, when i experience my darkest moments i dream them flying over me. My dad and I were two bestfriends and i was just 4years old when he left, but i can feel he is there. Sometimes he appears in form of a Jackel or dog and walk wih me when ever im walking alone during the night. its so true, and i am the only person in my family who sees this. (report)
ais07160a (3/29): PR3FFPUK74 (report)
Anonymous (3/29): Yes I have. After my grandpa and grandma past I seen a shooting star and everytime I thought of them and went outside I seen one again. My other grandma just past away and it happened again. And I've been seeing one every night since. (report)
Caracoveney (3/31): The week after my mum died (just under a fortnight ago), I still didn't know if she was "in contact" with me, and was struggling to put together her funeral service. I switched the radio on and the very next piece of music on Classic FM was from the "Dolly" Suite by Faure. It was the theme from "Listen with Mother", which I used to sit and listen to with mum on the radio when I was very young (I am now 61), and hadn't heard this music for many years. Also, my mum's name was Dolly! Needless to say, I have included this piece of music in her funeral service. Coincidence? Some people would say so - I wouldn't. Caracoveney (report)
vonka7 (4/1): I had a experience 3 weeks after my mothers death, i was really struggling with her passing big time. I was getting ready to go to the airport, i was outside putting my luggage in the car when i felt a presence, i was by myself......I turned around to not see but in terms of presence/ almost faint outer appearance of my mother walking up the drive. She had that smile and she said "I'm alright" please don't worry i am ok. She then proceeded to walk around the garden as she did when she visited in her carefree way. I remember having a conversation with her but at the same time was a little shocked. This really helped me with my grieving....and i want to say i had never had any such experience before that in my life.... (report)
82sunshine (4/2): before my dad died i saw a crow who was trying to get my attention it was trying very hard sence i didnt know what that noise was i kept hearing,i payed no mind to it,finally after a while i wondered wer it was coming from suddenly i seen the crow,it was rite over me looked me rite in the eyes and flew away 3 days later my dad died.today as i was walking i noticed 3 white birds flying over me sence i usually see and hear crows,and being that they wernt i kept looking then 1 of them flew rite above me and came real close to me,to me it made me wonder if this could be some kind of a sign what could this mean? (report)
Anonymous (4/4): i had a dream about my grandma who passed away march 17th. i didnt know it was her. people were shuffling around behind her and it was busy. i saw her from the side and i kept trying to see if it was her. she was dressed really nice in her work clothes and was younger. i asked is that you? and she smiled and said Its me! and then went into an elevator and it went up. i was in shock and couldnt speak after she said it was her. i woke up confused. was that really a sign? (report)
Anonymous (4/5): Im not sure who it was exactly but my friends and I were looking in the clouds and saw this angelic girl I hope it really was an angel like we thought I sound werd but if you saw it you would feel the same way... ! (report)
D59 (4/7): I've experienced this twice. I am an atheist and a scientist, so would not put such experiences down to the supernatural, but to me this makes it a more wonderful explanation and no less an experience, although I would not knock anyone for how they rationalise it. I am a doctor. The day after my mother's death from cancer I was about to cross the road, where I had crossed with my mum many times, and I heard her say as clear as a bell "Are you going over the road to get some cash and then have a hair cut?" It surprised, but didn't scare me, rather I felt calm and reassured, and very happy that I could hear her voice after her death. I realised this was my mind synthesising her voice from my memory of it, but that does not detract from it, rather I consider it even more amazing than a supernatural explanation. [I'll post the second experience separately, as we're only allowed 2k characters ...] (report)
D59 (4/7): Here's my second experience. A month after I learnt of the death of a much loved girlfriend, during which I grieved deeply, I had an even more profound experience. For a number of reasons we had never been able to say the words "I love you" to each other, although we had said "I love you" in almost every other way, including physically. One morning having just woken I felt her float into my body from above as if she had come in through the ceiling - quite impossible in reality. In life she was a nurse and could talk very calmly, confidently and reassuringly to patients. I experienced it when we were on a hospital ward together. It felt like she was hugging me all over. I didn't hear her voice, but she put the words into my head "It's alright. I'm safe. It's alright to have loved me, I loved you. The proof is how I'm holding you." I could feel her holding me in an intimate way she had in life, but which she couldn't have done the way I was lying at that moment. I felt a momentary sense of panic at infidelity, because my wife was in the bed and I thought here I am with a previous lover who wants me, but she put the words in my head "It's alright, I don't want to make love, all your --- is for --- [my wife's name, which she knew.]" And with that she left my body as she had entered it. All through this I had a sensation of pure white light, but the morning light through the curtains was orange, so it couldn't have been that. Afterwards I felt very calm, happy and reassured, although it would have been nice if she had stayed a bit longer, I had so many things to ask her! I am happy to describe this as an angel experience, even though I would ascribe it to the workings of my mind and not supernatural events. What impresses me is that so many people experience these sorts of thoughts after being bereaved. It shows this is a normal, natural and healthy way in which the human mind copes with the knowledge and pain of death. (report)
Anonymous (4/10): My nan had kidney failure whilst in hospital she became very ill an was told she had around five days to live after goin home very upset me an my mother noticed a big black bird sitting on a playhouse in the garden we thought it was hurt we banged the window went outside to she's it away it stayed for days that bird stayed there on the fifth day which my man sadly did pass away we said out goodbyes an went home as we went to close the blinds in the kitchen the bird strangely got up an flew away x (report)
williamx (4/14): Yes. I have had this experience .At first I thought I was going crazy until a pattern emerged. I was finding these coins but It terrified me . How can you tell something so crazy to anyone. Once a coin was gummed to a mirror in a cafe rest room. sometimes there would be something written as well. I left the country in the end . I had one or two times noticed it since I left and even then was uncertain if I was just imagining it . But in ireland where I am from. NO . I was not imagining things. (report)
Sfcagr (4/14): Yes,right after my strong young husband passed my daughter and I had come home from the hospital and I was walking past my husbands side of the bed and was stopped by an unseen force and had the biggest strongest hug just like the hugs my husband would give me. It was just the way I felt when he hugged me with his Army uniform on.I know it was him .I wish I could feel him again or get a sign to know he is ok and life does go on. (report)
bb123 (4/16): my sister passed away 3 weeks ago due to a long illness she was only 44. while in hospice she only lasted 5 days. we held her hand through her journey and listened to the radio from saturday night till she passed on wednsday morning this was one of her wishes. on wednsday morning at 4am the radio started sending signals and staticy sounds as if someone was speaking at intervals,it seemed like someone was tryig to get through. mind you she was already in active death and in a coma like state. she passed away 4 hours later. today we talked about cleaning her boxes out of the storage garage,her wishes were to donate to the needy. while entering the garage a radio that was there for over 3 weeks was on and playing music so we could all hear. the radio is located in one of the bottom boxes in middle of her belongings, maybe she is trying to tell us something. what do you think? (report)
Bolinsky (4/18): My father passed away 11/11/11. He was an advid hunter. After dropping my mother off at home that morning about 5am, my daughter and myself were driving and in the headlights ahead we came upon the biggest buck we ever saw. I stopped the car and the buck walked towards the car and stopped in the middle of the road, never losing eye contact with us. Behind him ran across the road were several other deer. When they were safely across he turned his head to look where the other deer went and slowly walked into the grass and disappeared. I knew my father did that so I would know he was finally at peace! My daughter and I counted 11 points and my dads last trophy buck he got on his farm was an eleven pointer. The number 11 now seems to always come up in different circumstances for my family. We believe 11 is still my dads way of letting us know he is still with us. (report)
Anonymous (4/19): After my brother in law passed I was stood in my kitchen staring up out of the skylight. I spoke to him in my head and said that of all the signs he could send to let me know he was listening then it would be a fish, he was an avid fisherman. I chuckled out loud as I pictured one falling from the sky and landing with a splat on the skylight. As I started to make coffee my 3 year old daughter walked in from the garden with a small plastic bowl filled with rain water and what looked like orange fluff floating on the top (it turned out to be a piece of a craft pipe cleaner), she looked up at me as she held the bowl out for me to see, "Mum,here's your fish from Uncle Ed" she said. I always try to find the logic in things but as I hadn't even spoke out loud, there was no way she overheard me. It defied logic and it made my day. (report)
Anonymous (4/20): Before my auntie died I always said will you let me know that you are happy where ever you go when you die. She said of course I will. So when she passed away we travelled to Scotland for the funeral and came home the next day, rather sad. When I finally went to bed that night I was in a deep sleep, when I was suddenly woken at 2.08am by, what felt like somebody waking me. I looked to the left side of the bed over my husband, who was fast asleep, where we have a blank wall, and to my shock and amazement there were prism shaped lights right up the wall, lovely colours. I kept blinking my eyes to see if I was dreaming this and was looking around to see if there was light coming from our curtains, but our room is pitch black and it was really dark outside, but they remained there for about 30 seconds and diminished up the wall very slowly then disappeared. I was totally amazed but sensed peace, then I fell back to sleep and explained this to my husband next day. I believe to this day that was my lovely auntie letting me know she was happy and at peace now. (report)
chavez (4/20): Ive seen my grandpa a few days before he died and had a dream about him the day before he died it felt so real . (report)
mystarrook (7/29): ive had several close friends pass away these last few years & i always seem to find 'dimes' in places where i know they werent before .... sylvia brown says 'dimes' are from the dead (report)
Anonymous (9/19): My family has experienced the same. Thank you so much. Blessings to all xx (report)
kitty (9/29): First of all, I would like to express to you my sincere appreciation for the wonderful service that has been offered me by Dr. Gboco. Your products are beautiful and of the highest quality, which means a lot when one is investing one's heart, as well as a substantial amount of money. Additionally, Email gbocotemple(at)yhoocom has always been exceptionally kind and helpful whenever I have called with personal/product concerns; he has never failed to return a call or answer a question, no matter how trivial, because he seemed to recognize that the answers were important to me. I am also deeply appreciative of the time that you, Dr.gboco, have taken regarding my two ordered dual castings. I have tremendous faith in spell work, and I am gratified to have your support in this self-empowering endeavor. KITTY (report)
lauren345 (9/29): I am basically writing you back to give you all of my thanks. Ever since I finished working on the first kit (Love Me Again), my results have been excellent. All I can say is YES, YES YES!! You have been a great help to me and very patient as well. That is so important. When people start working on things that are new to them, there is so much that they don't know. Especially since working on such kits you are calling on spirits for help and you don't want to make any mistakes because you're afraid that anything could go wrong if the work is not done right (such as myself) and I know that I have questioned you a lot. I can admit that I was having some doubts at first and that I was just hoping that this relationship could be helped due to all of the negativity in the relationship. Now I know that there was help and hope for us once again. You have been the best as far as love spell is concern and responding to questions in a timely manner. And I can also tell that you as the support staff are very bright and well educated people. I just wanted to leave you with this note. But mainly you. Even though I know that there are other spell caster, you have been the one that i have really seen a good result from the casting of the spell....thanks once again {Dr Ekaka} ekakaspelltemple(at)yahoocom (report)
veronica (12/16): I am really grateful for the miracle that Dr Ubiato has done in my life in this past one week because today Sunday is making it one week that i ordered a reunite spell from him and i have really see a good result from his work my husband that have stop coming home for the past 1 month has totally come back and also apologize to me that he did not know what came over him and he is really showing me what really love is never thought that he will be able to love me like this again now i believe that spell do work and all my thanks goes to Dr. Ubiato Email: ubiatowhitemagicspell@yahoocom if any is in need of help (report)
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Responses (23)
guinness (7/30): Although these are all interesting to read, I dont think people actuall "see dead people". I think people see, fee what they need to in order to help let go and get over thier grief. (report)
Louis (8/3): Did you see Mel Gibson's "Signs"? Like he said "There's no one watchin' over us up there!! we are by ourselves. I'm atheist By the way (report)
Anonymous (3/5): There is no nice way to say this, but you are all flat out wrong about what you've seen. There is no such thing as ghosts, spirits, reincarnation, or an afterlife. If there were, we would know about them by now. The things written in the "I agree - this rocks" column are written by people who either 1) are liars or 2) do not recognize a coincidence when they see one. We're all human, and nobody is perfect. We can all be fooled, and our senses can bend our perceptions of reality, without our control, into the way we want it to be. The problem is, while our perceptions have changed, reality is still the same. (report)
Anonymous (11/20): I do believe in signs (as I've had experiences involving my grandfather) but am posting in the "this blows" column in response to the ignorant anonymous post above. While I think it's foolish to blindly believe anything and everything involving ghosts/spirits/afterlife whatever, it is even more ignorant to totally discredit their existence entirely - just because you haven't had experience with something does NOT mean it doesn't exist. Far better it is to have an inquiring, open mind. (report)
chuggles (2/20): i want to hear from my late grandmother (report)
lady_dreamer (12/30): no i didn't have a sign. (report)
mmm (8/19): i am posting on this side to write back to these negatives responses first off who cares what mel gibson thinks and just because there is no evidance of the afterlife ghosts or spirits existing does not make it not true if you believe in all thaat science crap where you have to have an answer to everything i believe when a loved one passes and you cant move on they comee to you in some way to let you know there fine and at peace dont believe what these other people think they have no faith and for that i truely feel sorry for you (report)
JLN30 (10/4): To the ones on the no side... I feel sorry for you and your life if you do not believe that there is an afterlife... And I hate to tell you, but there is NO such thing as an Atheist... You have to believe in some things in life, an atheist doen't believe in anything and God doesn't believe in Atheist.. And Mel Gibbson... Really??? Your talking about a MOVIE... something not real at all... You shouldn't even be on this site if you don't believe in these things. Leave these site to the ones that do and appreciate then. (report)
ihearttennis (10/17): I have not had a sign from my cousin who died exactly two weeks ago yesterday. But i do believe that i will see some sort of sign from him showing me that he is okay and in a better place. Until then i don't think that i will be able to get over the loss of him. R.I.P Jake (report)
monica (12/3): i really dont know but some lady said someone came to her and told her i need help..im really in pain right my ex boyfrined that i love still with all my heart..on my birthday nov.25th 2010..never ganna be the some for me...he got in to a fight and Victor Salazar Garcia, Jr. wasn?t breathing when deputies were called out to the fight in the area of Hazel Lane and Starlite Drive in Nipomo around 8:30 p.m.victor was taken by ambulance to Marian Medical Center where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Initial reports indicated that several people were involved in the altercation..i miss him so and he would always tell me sweet thing and i was playing this song and everything in that song he told me (report)
Anonymous (3/5): I have been praying for a sign from my mom, she died 3 months and half ago but no signs, it is making me so sad. I miss her so much and i need to know if she is okay. (report)
Annabooke (10/9): I havent goyten any. I want my dad to tell me that hes okay, i makes myself sick everyday because hes not here anrd i cant get over it. I believe in this 100% o just wish he would send me signs.. (report)
Mizzmissymarie (11/4): For those who say there are no spirits or after life because there is no proof...my question to you is..Do you also say there is no air since you can't see it? Millions of people have had experiences with spirits. That's like me saying your mother doesn't exist because I have never personal seen her. But if I told you that, surely you would know your mother existed because you experience her in your life. Just because you don't acknowledge something exists, doesn't mean i'ts not there. It just means you choose to not believe it is. (report)
Geyn (11/16): I didn't. :( (report)
terrytyree (11/28): First you must beleave in God and read and understand his work and good word from there he will make his presence known and give you unconditional comfort. (report)
Imissmysis (1/25): Do you atheists believe in atoms? You can't see them. I bet everytime you want to build something or create something you just cause an explosion and bam there it is. Everything has to be created and to do so there has to be a creator. (report)
Samantha1234 (2/15): But I really want a sighn from my grandad nobby who has recently died :( x do you know how i can? I pray but I feel he cant hear me x Well can he ?? (report)
Bronwynne (3/27): nobody knows whats going to happen to them when they die. There is also so many things with death, hauntings, and sightings, that is un-explained. If people see things, or feel things, or smell even after a loved one has passed over and they gain comfort from it all, then let them gain comfort,as this a process of helping them grieve. All humans beings are entitled to dream and believe... if they want to go this way. We all have our own beliefs. (report)
Judithbarickman (3/28): My elderly, difficult Mom died about 3 years ago. She was always rather dominant, bossy, etc...but she did let me live my own life. But, after mt Dad died she lived another 15 years and became more and more dependent. And she looked after my sister for the last 10 years as she was I'll. Mombecame more difficult with her years...almost 93 when she died. She was unhappy about everything after my sister had to go to the nursing home. She was he caretaker and then had nothing to live for. I was my Moms caretaker. She had to move from her large home tp a senior complex, then 2 assisted living situations, until finally a nursing home. sometimes she would tell me very cunning hi gs like.."why can't you take care of me like your cousin takes care of her Mom?". And..."just go home (from nursing home)...it's enough I have to be here" ...and one time she said "Judy, I really love you...Really I do.". Now I have nightmares that she is still alive and I say "but Mom has died...nothing will kill her...". And she carrys on being bossy, etc. We have shared many niceties as Mother and Daughter, but they faded with the years. And I am left with nightmares..about 3 times a week! (report)
veronica (12/16): I am really grateful for the miracle that Dr Ubiato has done in my life in this past one week because today Sunday is making it one week that i ordered a reunite spell from him and i have really see a good result from his work my husband that have stop coming home for the past 1 month has totally come back and also apologize to me that he did not know what came over him and he is really showing me what really love is never thought that he will be able to love me like this again now i believe that spell do work and all my thanks goes to Dr. Ubiato Email: ubiatowhitemagicspell(at)yahoocom if any is in need of help (report)
arjun45 (12/24): shdhf (report)
waytobay59 (2/11): an international call centre opening in Nadiad good and hard working staff needed. language: English would be prefer only. { WTB42}. (report)
cabs (3/25): Your fucking crazy...Dead man Live >> ...well its a good title, i have a word with James Cameron abt the shit (report)

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